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My unbridled passion for writing began when I was six. Little did I know this interest of mine would spark a lucrative journey to places I did not know existed. I was enchanted by the new perspective given to me by the electric synergy between up-and-coming technology and the creative culture of art and design. This intersection sparks an inspiration in me towards the improvement of economic, environmental and social constructs through art, communication and design; The topics I am most interested in being social justice, diversity, the environment and how technology can help these.

Work and experience have offered me depth of learning and interaction with esteemed teachers, inventors and authors of Internet literature in the areas of law, information storage, and sustainability. These unique experiences combined with my life-long passion for informative storytelling have been a great benefit and I wish to share this with others.

What is underreported in the media are the grass roots trends in technology to affect change through technology where the political class has failed. Some trends I will report on include cryptocurrencies, green energy, and internet infrastructure.

Motivated by the preservation and pursuit of knowledge, I strive for perfection of the educational resource of the Internet. By restoring the internet to maximum functionality, access to information increases for everyone; which should be a tool for empowering marginalized groups.

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