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The Role of Vitamin C in the Management of Viral Diseases
The Role of Vitamin C in the Management of Viral Diseases – Victor Marcial-Vega, MD

It was a pleasure being here and I come from Puerto Rico and I thank Ron hunten gig and also Thomas Libby because they given us tremendous support to help the movement in the island of Puerto Rico and support to me and to the physicians there so and of course they love coming to Puerto Rico Hooton right so they come twice already and that's wonderful keep coming down.
That's a wonderful Island and we welcome you and I will be talking today about something that I never imagined I would be doing in my practice.

I'm a until what time do I have? 10:15. Okay. Thank you. As a radiation oncologist I never imagined that I would be doing what I'm doing today because I was taught to give radiation chemotherapy and surgery to treat cancers then I started hearing about chelation therapy ozone 25 years ago and the concept that toxicity was causing cancer and I'm making the link now between that and treating viruses with vitamin C and removing these toxins in the 90s showed in many of my patients that the tumors would reduced or disappear so I didn't expect this I did a protocol at that time back in the late 90s with intravenous vitamin C chelation therapy ozone therapy detoxification organic food all these things that I heard that would make a difference to see if I would embark in into this new era of philosophy and and of course the most important thing is to get rid of your stress sometimes we will be throwing a spouse out the window but not as radical but you know what I mean and sometimes you will be getting rid of a job and what we found in 40 patients in 90s with stage-four most of them cancer was that we had an 80% response rate doing this protocol every day every day is not practical sometimes it's not economical it can be expensive but that's what we saw and 13% winning a complete remission so that we didn't expect either and today one of those patients that we still follow has been almost 20 years with no lymphoma he had a Stage four lymphoma and AIDS at the same time as you know Stage four lymphoma and AIDS has a very poor prognosis at that time in the 90s none of these patients survived so a patient is alive and well and is because of all of these things that we're seeing here what I wasn't expecting was that not only did cancer respond but I saw patients over the years that with the same protocol started reversing their arthritis high blood pressure diabetes schizophrenia depression anxiety cataracts glaucoma and the list goes on and on and that's when I started seeing the connection between the viral illnesses and content of vitamin C I'm not so sure the vitamin C is an anti viral per se I think that just that bombardment of electrons are we been hearing about all through the weekend and the week makes the body getting to a balance where we start living together with all these microbes and viruses and nobody harms anybody but rather assists each other into having a better environment being healthier etc digesting our food and things that can help us instead of killing us because when the energy goes down in the body that's the signal for these microbes to recycle us for compost we're we're also needed for that and when somebody asked me what's the most important animal in the planet I said of course this is a tree I say are you crazy yeah the tree so advanced they don't have to move we we have to move and talk and we can't stop but we're moving around so we can compost different trees we can carry the compost to them they don't have to move so that's the most advanced animal in the planet and of course the planet can live without us but not without the trees they have to produce oxygen and there are the ones that recycle all this so when our energy goes down and it goes back up that's when we see all these wonderful things that we're seeing in medicine right now I want to mention too that I'm a professor at the UCC School of Medicine they recently approved in the beginning of the summer an integrative medicine program that he's approved by the School of Medicine so now actually the applause goes to you because many of you have been helping and assisting in this process and the students are fourth year medical students are coming from other institutions and now we're just a step away from first and second year residence there's one from Harvard that contacted me and thanga that harver apparently pays for the residents salary so we don't have to worry about that so if you have any ideas of interns and residents that want to rotate with me you let me know because this is what we're doing unfortunately doctors are are as young as as young as me are a little bit older are in general very hard to change in their mindset so we're getting them as young as we can also they this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a lecture but in general I encourage my fellow colleagues to speak in a certain language that they don't get into trouble because I gotten into trouble before I used to I found that nebulized colloidal silver can eliminate respiratory infections pneumonia sinusitis and other things and that was a something I put in my website that I recommend the colloidal silver as a preventive measure for anthrax if you remember anthrax in the 90s the big scare so when I said that that could be used for that I got a letter from the FDA two weeks later they say you cannot say that you're you recommend silver to prevent disease because then it will be a drug and then you'll get into all this mess and I said oh no problem so what I did I they encouraged me to delete the page so I didn't the leader what I do there was I recommend you use colloidal silver because there may or may not prevent lung infections and that was it I never heard from them again so be careful when you say cure if you don't say I cure I prevent I treat or mitigate you're not under your a FDA jurisdiction. Just you're aware that also the I don't know if you heard of the president's cancer panel report this is one of the best things that Obama has done or has been allowed to do is a it's a more accurate statement the when he was elected president one of the first things he did it he's not here is he told the National Cancer Institute the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services write me a report I don't care how much money costs that says what is the cause of cancer in the United States and by in less than one year there was a report signed by these three institutions that said mr. president what causes cancer in the u.s. they didn't say 80 percent 90 percent they say more they said more than two-thirds and perhaps even more are caused by pollution of the air pollution of the water and pollution of the food and x-ray machines in hospitals they never mentioned genetics except to say that genetically transmitted cancer like ataxia telangiectasia sera derma pigmentosa you know these conditions multiple endocrine neoplasia accounted for less than five percent of the cancer so now the institutions are on line with what we're saying here that these pollutants are causing disease not only cancer but everything else that we're seeing either the cause or a contributing factor so focusing removing them not only from our bodies but from our environment that's my dream to have a completely clean planet that's what I think about 24 hours a day that's why I'm not invited to many parties because especially doctors parties so as we know Frederic Lerner has been a pioneer of vitamin C from the 20s 30s he was treating managing since--since I'm not treating I'm not the FDA I can say he was treating he was curing so that's 9:25another important distinction he he was 9:29one of the first doctors to realize a 9:30vitamin C could manage viral diseases 9:36successfully and he was able to cure 9:39many differing infectious diseases and 9:42neutralize toxins by the way I'm giving 9:45credit to Thomas levy because thanks to 9:47him I got a lot of the references I'm 9:49presenting today he did he did most of 9:52the work so I have to thank you he came 9:55to Puerto Rico three years ago to our 9:58integrated medicine conference sponsored 10:00by the College of Physicians 250 10:02physicians came he lectured on the use 10:05of vitamin C for viral diseases so a lot 10:07of these references and the work we've 10:10done together was inspired by that 10:11lecture vitamin C has been proven to 10:16kill or inactivate all viruses in vitro 10:19so this is a first of all we're gonna 10:21talk about the in vitro findings and 10:24examples are poliovirus by joggin blood 10:27completely inactivated the polio virus 10:29rendering complete rendering it's 10:31completely non infectious even when 10:34injected directly into the brains of 10:36monkeys this is very interesting herpes 10:38virus the in vitro action of synthetic 10:41crystalline vitamin C our own herpes 10:43virus and further experiments have shown 10:46these on herpes also in vitro activity 10:49when tested against vaccine iya viruses 10:52tobacco mosaic virus and in vitro 10:55activity against bacteria Fache viruses 10:58enter viruses and influenza virus which 11:02we're gonna talk about in the clinical 11:04setting in a little 11:05as well as rabies so this has been shown 11:09to happen in vitro when we go into the 11:15clinical setting he has also been shown 11:17to resolve a lot of acute viral 11:20illnesses such as polio Klenner showed 11:23that of 60 kids that he hadn't he 11:26published his data in 1949 he cured all 11:30these kids with intramuscular vitamin C 11:33given within four days including a case 11:36of many encephalitis flaccid paralysis 11:40reversal of this so today I haven't seen 11:45any of these cases but guillain-barre a 11:47will be very interesting to manage and I 11:49think that a lot of the guillain-barre 11:51ezza were told are out there are really 11:53polio virus or polio like viruses so 11:57we're changing the nomenclature of polio 12:01meningoencephalitis flaccid paralysis 12:03and now we're calling a guillain-barre a 12:06I think is the same entity so we have to 12:08be very careful and all viruses had the 12:10potential to cause the same thing that 12:12polio virus did so we think that only 12:15polio can cause neuropathy or neural 12:18damage not so any other virus can can 12:22cause this so be very aware of that 12:24because that's another opportunity to 12:26use vitamin C and of course the reversal 12:30of flaccid paralysis and Cleaners 12:34experience with polio he gave this 12:35patients orally as well as 12:38intramuscularly 12:39various levels of vitamin C that we've 12:41seen here from fifty to fifty thousand 12:43to 80 thousand milligrams given at 12:46various times over a 10-day period so I 12:48encourage you to read these papers 12:50because Klenner papers are relevant 12:53today if you read them they're the best 12:56scientific treatise that you can see 12:59from a scientist it's amazing how he 13:00writes clearly scientifically so it's 13:04not messing around with him and these 13:06papers some of them are 80 years old and 13:08they're an incredible an incredible read 13:14so I recommend them any of them 13:18in another clinical setting vitamin C 13:22has been shown to be effective against 13:24acute hepatitis Dalton gave daily 13:28injections of vitamin C and had a 13:30resolution of acute hepatitis as well as 13:33Cathcart so these are the different 13:39doses that you might see again I I'm not 13:42getting very much into the doses here 13:44but because we've seen the dosages 13:46throughout this conference dosage 13:49dosages can vary but they're usually the 13:52same that we've seen here from 20,000 13:55milligrams to a sixty thousand 13:58milligrams and I'll show you how many 14:01times for the different viruses that we 14:04may see and frequency and all that I 14:07will be discussing in a while but I 14:09wanted to show you the references that 14:11show that this is already being 14:14performed for many decades in addition 14:18vitamin C has been shown to manage 14:23successfully viral encephalitis Klenner 14:27has seen this with patients I have polio and in my practice we saw a patient with influenza with meningoencephalitis that was close to a coma was stuporous non-responsive not oriented a very young gal 28 years old that resolved after one infusion one 6-hour infusion of vitamin C gave her a total of 50,000 milligrams I added hydrogen peroxide and I'll explain that to you as well and hydration and this completely resolved the same day that she presented to our clinic other examples of acute viral infections that respond to vitamin C are measles simple and complicated mumps simple and complicated herpes infection influenza and rabies and of course is also just a mention that is also being shown to be effective against bacteria so this could be a lecture for for a future presentation but it has been shown to be effective for diphtheria tetanus Staphylococcus streptococcus Pseudomonas and all have been documented as cured in these papers that have been talking about these entities with ascorbic acid and of course vitamin C I'm not sure what the mechanism is but he is often bactericidal almost always bacteriostatic and always supportive of the immune system and of course in patients with chronically low levels of vitamin C this definitely will help other system fight the infection and other diseases such as malaria leprosy dysentery Trypanosoma so the point is that it's very advisable to have vitamin C handy in the clinic especially when you're seeing infections that are either acute chronic either in adults or children because they can this can enhance whatever other therapeutic approach you're taking in that patient and of course the list goes on and on and we've been hearing about it as vitamin C as an antidote so a lot of what these infections produce are also part of their toxicity on their body such as toxins and these can be neutralized such as heavy metals Venom's from not only animals but also plants alcohol and barbiturates in Puerto Rico we have a lot of metal leaf he's calling Spanish or tiga for the Puerto Ricans that are in the room and nettle leaf I personally had a I go a lot into the rainforest for leisure and I didn't know what nettle leaf was until at one time it I touch one of these plants and immediately you feel severe pain and burning in a scale from zero to ten the pain is close 2-8 so it is very very uncomfortable and after this happening to me several times 17:43I used vitamin C one time and it within 17:46an hour to the pain went away and the 17:49inflammation subsided so whenever you 17:52have you have a first aid kit at I would 17:56add vitamin C to it either in the office 17:58or at your home and of course what I 18:02mentioned about the clearing of polio 18:04and sixty children within four days of 18:06administration by dr. Klenner 18:08is just repeating that so to recap the 18:12it has been shown to have an effect 18:14against influenza dengue fever hepatitis 18:17A B and C epstein-barr measles moms 18:20herpes and these are the doses that we 18:26recommend to our patients in general an 18:30adult and this is very interesting 18:34dosing because we found that if we're 18:37not able to give intravenous vitamin C I 18:39tell my patients to take vitamin C every 18:42half hour by mouth so it used to be well 18:46every hour now we tend to tell them 18:49immediately after an infections such as 18:51let me give you a few examples not only 18:54the common cold influenza that have been 18:57documented but also sore throat sniffles 19:01cough and a very commonly seen in 19:04polluted cities cities chronic sinusitis 19:08chronic sinusitis has become an epidemic 19:11so in Puerto Rico I tell the patients 19:15take five hundred to a thousand 19:18milligrams every half-hour for the first 19:20four hours then I tell them if they 19:24don't have any discomfort usually they 19:26don't a vitamin C such as live on or 19:30bioenergy which we've seen in reordan 19:33Center yesterday they're excellent and 19:35usually they will not cause stomach 19:37problems I give my patients routinely of 19:41the bioenergy C four thousand milligrams 19:43three times a day or more and they're 19:46usually have no problems whatsoever 19:48versus 19:49taking a vitamin C from the pharmacy 19:51which might be also considered high 19:53quality so I tell them to do this every 19:56half hour usually within 4 hours 19:5950% of the symptoms have subsided about 20:0250% I mean some of them have disappeared 20:06especially with the chronic sinusitis a 20:08cough that is starting a sore throat 20:10that is starting once the fever starts I 20:14recommend intravenous vitamin C that 20:17symptom may not respond as well as the 20:21initial very initial respiratory 20:24symptoms of the diseases related to the 20:27influenza Kove irises so then I tell the 20:32patient to take one gram every two to 20:35three hours sometimes four for two hours 20:40and then I lower the dose but in general 20:43as a baseline for a thousand milligrams 20:45three times a day taken in three doses 20:48will not help the patient with cold 20:51symptoms the way that they every half 20:54hour dosing will so remember that when 20:57there's an acute illness frequency is 20:59more important than total dosage keeping 21:02those levels of vitamin C in the blood 21:04for as long as possible and as frequent 21:07as possible for children two years or 21:11older 200 milligrams every half hour to 21:14every hour for four hours again for 21:17respiratory acute respiratory symptom 21:20ethology and then you can lower that 21:23clinically as you see fit children that 21:25are six years or older 500 milligrams 21:28every half hour to every hour for the 21:32first four hours and then you can lower 21:34it as you see fit as you see a clinical 21:36response and these I found to be 21:39extremely effective if the patient and 21:42is usually a patient that calls me and 21:44they're not able to come into the clinic 21:46so sometimes they don't they may not 21:49have the vitamin C I would recommend 21:52even though most of my patients do so if 21:55they have to have if they have to go to 21:57the pharmacy to buy a vitamin C or a 22:00chewable that's better 22:03nothing and that'll work fine for that 22:05period of time of the acute illness in 22:07most cases we also we also give our 22:16patients that have not only cancer 22:19patients that get vitamin C but also 22:21patients that have viral illnesses we 22:24give hydrogen peroxide before the 22:26vitamin C to enhance the effect of 22:28vitamin C which is hydrogen peroxide 22:30product production related and I looked 22:35into the literature says intravenous 22:37hydrogen peroxide has been so popular in 22:40integrated medicine I look to see where 22:42in the literature that was evidence 22:44about this I only found one reference it 22:46was more 1920 and Oliver treated 22:50patients with influenza that had 22:54influenza related pneumonia which was 22:57considered at the time to have a 22:58mortality of 80% and he gave the 23:02spacious on 1.25% solution of hydrogen 23:05peroxide two ounces 10% added to 8 23:11ounces of normal saline that's a much 23:17more than we give today today we're here 23:20we use a 3 percent not a 3 percent 23:25solution of hydrogen peroxide and we 23:27take 3 cc's of that and put it in 100 23:30CC's of normal saline so it's much more 23:32diluted than this and he had a reduction 23:37in mortality in those patients from a 23:39historical 80% to 48% so reduce 23:42mortality from influenza related 23:46pneumonia by half and this is the only 23:49paper that we found at the time because 23:51we have another paper that will present 23:53next about the treatment of chikungunya 23:55using hydrogen peroxide as well 23:58influenza unfortunately the the vaccine 24:02campaign has been a disaster in Puerto 24:05Rico and the United States you can go to 24:06the website of CDC and the data is there 24:09in Puerto Rico in 2009 when the swine 24:11flu appear we didn't have a vaccine so 24:15the only strategy that apart 24:16of health hat was a an incredible 24:20campaign it was a great campaign of 24:22washing your hands covering your mouth 24:25with a mask if you were coughing getting 24:28away from people or you would have to 24:30get away from people that were coughing 24:32and this strategy reduced the incidence 24:37prevalence and mortality of influenza to 24:40near zero the strategy was started in 24:44the summer of 2009 24:45then the vaccine came in in October from 24:48the National instances of health and the 24:51last figures from November in Puerto 24:54Rico it was amazing the the incidence of 24:57influenza went to near zero the 25:00mortality to near zero and the total 25:03number of cases at the time was less 25:06than 2000 since then we've had massive 25:12vaccination campaigns over 65 years old 25:16all ages influenza vaccine is still sold 25:20as the best strategy against him 25:22influenza by the Department of Health 25:25and also by the CDC unfortunately and 25:28then unfortunately the the figures are 25:31there the influenza incidence and 25:33mortality has been rising steadily in 25:36Puerto Rico since 2009 since the vaccine 25:38was introduced immediately I think after 25:41introduction in October in November all 25:44the incidences were nup they campaign 25:46for washing using gels avoiding people 25:50that were coughing ceased and then the 25:54last figures of this past season that 25:56ended just before the summer we have 26:00about 30,000 cases of influenza a year 26:03in Puerto Rico so from 2000 we went to 26:06close to 30,000 also the mortality has 26:10gone up so it's been a total failure but 26:12they still recommend it recently the 26:15dengue vaccine was offered to the Puerto 26:19Rican State Department and the State 26:21Department's the Department of Health 26:23said well we don't want the vaccine 26:25because it only provides protection in 26:2750% of the patients but that 26:30exactly the the highest amount of 26:34protection that the influenza vaccine 26:36offers in its best case scenario because 26:39in adults more than 65 years of age is 26:42totally worthless any children they've 26:46been able they being seen a lowering of 26:49the response antibody response to the 26:52influenza vaccine and this data is in 26:54the CDC I mean you can open the CDC and 26:57we'll find a lot of this there they 26:59found that in children the vaccine 27:01response has been going down as it's 27:03been as low as 15 percent for the 27:06influenza vaccine so what they did is 27:08they quadruple the antigenic load of the 27:11vaccine in the last few years 27:13instead of saying wait a minute I wonder 27:16why the immune response of the children 27:19is lower than before which by the way is 27:22a contraindication to vaccination 27:25immunosuppression is a contraindication 27:26to vaccination not upping the dose of 27:29antigen but rather finding out why is 27:31this Charlie minutes of press well we 27:33all know why we have more pollution than 27:35ever before in the history of humanity 27:37and other things that are affecting our 27:39system's ability to produce antibodies 27:42and other things so my patients asked me 27:46and I said the data is area I'd rather 27:49have you protected with things like this 27:50then do vaccinations but if you want to 27:54do vaccinations go prepared take vitamin 27:58C before getting vaccinated so you lower 28:01your chances of any side-effects if you 28:04want to get vaccinated I don't tell them 28:06what to do but I said if you want to get 28:08your child vaccinated also prepare them 28:11properly with vitamin C before that 28:14vaccination and it's in all likelihood 28:17they won't have the side effects that we 28:20are seeing from this from this modality 28:25in medicine 28:29so unfortunately Tamiflu is a joke 28:35unfortunately and I'm a scientist but 28:38I'm giving you the the short story 28:40Tamiflu has been reported 28:43Lord the length of disease by 24 hours 28:47so instead of being sick for three days 28:50you'll be sick for two days instead of 28:52being sick for five days that you were 28:53meant to be you're sick for four this is 28:56the average and these are the statistics 28:57however when you go to tummy flus 29:00website in the first page and by the way 29:04this happens also in the first page of 29:06the web sites for re-set and namenda 29:13which are the medicines for Alzheimer's 29:15and the excellent patches the same thing 29:19in the for websites first page this drug 29:23does not affect the natural history or 29:26course of the disease but that's exactly 29:28why I want to prescribe it to affect the 29:31natural course of the disease or if he's 29:32if he's not affecting the natural course 29:34of the disease 29:35why are you recommending it to my 29:37patients it's a joke you UK you can only 29:40laugh at these things now recently 29:43they've been removing from the namenda 29:45re-set and excellent websites that 29:48little clause but that clause i saw it 29:50as as late as two years ago recently I 29:53tried to find it again to put it up for 29:55this presentation and I didn't find it 29:57but they've been putting that for years 29:59these drugs do not affect the natural 30:01cause of the disease that's how 30:04statistics can be massaged shhhhht 30:08you know in many of the studies to then 30:10recommend them to patients but they 30:11really have no no clinical use for us or 30:14them but something that we will all 30:19agree on is that when you ask the CDC or 30:22Department of Health what is the 30:24treatment of any viral disease they say 30:25there's no treatment for viral diseases 30:27which is preposterous I mean this data 30:30that we've been seeing 30:31even if he's historical even if it's not 30:35hysterical historical even if it's 30:37something that has not been proven in a 30:40randomized double-blind study it doesn't 30:43matter the fact of the matter is that 30:45when there is no treatment available and 30:47you have something that historically has 30:49shown these results you're morally and 30:52ethically obligated as a physician or an 30:55entity that is 30:56dealing with health care to recommend 30:59this to the patients especially when 31:01there's no side effects it's cost 31:05effective and safe and effective and 31:11low-cost 31:11like dr. Saul was saying yesterday no 31:16effective treatment for viral illnesses 31:18or meningitis or meningoencephalitis 31:20associated with influenza in Puerto Rico 31:24we've managed about 57 patients we 31:28looked at the charts with influenza that 31:30were managed with intravenous vitamin C 31:32and hydrogen peroxide from 2009 to 2015 31:36they had the clinical diagnosis most of 31:38them because you remember 15 10 20 years 31:43ago influenza was not a big deal it has 31:46become a big deal because of the immuno 31:48suppression in the population and the 31:51complications associated with it this 31:53did not use to happen the ways happening 31:55today so now we're starting to confirm 31:59the cases by blood tests there were only 32:02two cases confirmed in this group of 32:04patients 60% had leukopenia most of them 32:08had congestion and cough ascorbic acid 32:10was given intravenously usually a 500cc 32:15bag of sterile water or lactated ringers 32:17solution 20,000 to 25,000 milligrams now 32:24influenza is one of the viruses that 32:26respond the best to intravenous vitamin 32:28C not so with others like chikungunya or 32:32herpes and we'll see that and we also 32:36added to this mix thiamine paradox and B 32:38complex once they see each and hydrogen 32:41peroxide three cc of three percent 32:43solution in 100cc normal saline methyl 32:46cobalamin magnesium chloride was often 32:50introduced as well the results in these 32:53patients that had IVs that range from 32:56two to four hour of infusion time 100% 33:00of the patients had a decrease of 50 33:01percent or more of their symptoms by the 33:03end of the infusion a 28 year old female 33:07with suspected meningoencephalitis was 33:09at under and disoriented to 33:10time-space after one week of a viral 33:13illness consisting of fevers chills 33:14malice coughing headaches had 50,000 33:17milligrams 33:17vitamin C intravenously by the end of 33:20the infusion was completely oriented I'm 33:22feeling well with no headaches malaise 33:23and eating well have you heard of 33:28chikungunya how many of you have a lot 33:31of chikungunya in your cities or States 33:33not many people is you - okay Ecuador 33:37all right I never forget that epidemic 33:40in Puerto Rico every healthcare facility 33:43private public was overwhelmed over that 33:46summer which was two years ago and I 33:50never seen anything like it we had to 33:53write records in three or four sentences 33:55to keep up with the people coming in and 33:57this happened in the emergency rooms for 33:59four that summer I mean all physicians 34:02were overwhelmed regardless of 34:04facilities or specialties because we 34:09have been doing vitamin C we were 34:11particularly overwhelmed but anyways at 34:14the time that this was written it was a 34:17disease where 1 million cases suspected 34:20in North America South America and the 34:21Caribbean less cases are were confirmed 34:25and in Puerto Rico at the time that I 34:30wrote this in July 2014 34:32there were 24,000 suspected cases but if 34:36you multiply that by that by 10 because 34:39you only diagnose about a 10th of what's 34:41really out there there were a quarter of 34:43a million cases at the time and this we 34:46calculated he may have gone up to 34:48750,000 cases in that summer now it was 34:53a very rare instance because most of 34:56these patients you would do the blood 34:58work it was completely normal 35:00there was no leukopenia the the only 35:04thing that you would see frequently will 35:06be in neutral psychosis so the 35:10leukocytosis will be in the neutrophilic 35:12area instead of lymphocytic so it didn't 35:15make much sense and this was was seen 35:18across the board the blood work was no 35:20help 35:21he wasn't like a typical viral illness 35:24but chikungunya means that which bends 35:26over and it's quite a scary situation in 35:29many ways number one you would expect a 35:32viral illnesses to hit an elderly or 35:36very young population more than the 35:38public in general the the so called 35:40consider healthy adults not so this 35:44would affect everybody equally including 35:46I saw a lot of marathon runners 35:48high-performance athletes very very sick 35:51and number two it makes you feel the way 35:55you're gonna feel in twenty or thirty 35:57years in terms of your joints if you're 35:59not taking care of yourself so it's a 36:02it's a snapshot into the future and it 36:05was scary to most people imagine okay 36:08you're moving now everything's fine 36:10imagine how you would feel in 34 years 36:13and the worst of your times you know 36:14before we died and that's the way that 36:17these people felt southern pain and most 36:22people could not walk typically started 36:24in the wrists ankles and then he will go 36:27to any other part of the body but wrists 36:29and ankles was very common but what's so 36:31painful in the wrists and ankles that 36:33most people could not walk and most 36:36people could not pick up things with 36:39their hands so it's very interesting 36:41tremendously excruciating pain some of 36:44these patients will come to us after six 36:46to eight months of disease where the 36:49disease will wax and wane with steroids 36:52but it will not go away and typically 36:55these this disease can last in up to 35 37:00to 40 percent of the patients for years 37:03so again we have proof here that a lot 37:06of these Sokol arthritic illnesses 37:09rheumatoid fever is being documented 37:11that is associated with a microorganism 37:14but I believe that arthritis are 37:17associated to microorganisms all of them 37:20and they're managed in our clinic in the 37:22same way so chikungunya means that which 37:25bends up genus of the Alpha virus a 37:28single-stranded RNA the family toga very 37:31de spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito 37:34who is not at fault for this 37:37they say the mosquito causes the illness 37:39the mosquito doesn't cause anything the 37:40Puma the mosquito is trying to keep the 37:43population down so we stop polluting but 37:46so he's trying but if I tell that you 37:49know you see that's one I'm not invited 37:51to parties I told you this kind of 37:54comment also spreads the dengue 37:57hemorrhagic fever 37:58thrombocytopenia and now the Zika virus 38:00which we'll talk about it as well 38:02southern onset of joint pains in ninety 38:04three percent of the patients regime 38:06fevers lasts from a few days to weeks 38:09and that thirty three percent has gone 38:13up to forty eight percent where the 38:16arthritis can persist in these patients 38:20for up to four months to five years I 38:23didn't put the reference here but Thomas 38:27Levy and I co-authored a paper that the 38:31American Medical Association Journal in 38:33Puerto Rico published last years in 38:35PubMed so if you go to PubMed and look 38:37for ascorbic acid and chikungunya you'll 38:40see the whole paper I'll be happy to 38:42send it to you I have it in PDF so 38:44Thomas thank you for your help of course 38:46we treated 56 patients from July to 38:49November 2014 with chikungunya 18 to 82 38:52years old ratio of females to males with 38:55three to one 38:56so more females and males 75% of the 39:00patients received between 25 and 30 39:02grams of intravenous ascorbic acid and 39:06100% of them received before the 39:09ascorbic acid hydrogen peroxide 39:11intravenously and seven six five and 39:15three patients respectively received 30 39:18grams 20 grams 50 grams and 40 the 39:25formula was the following one hundred 39:27CCS normal saline 3 CC of a 3% hydrogen 39:30peroxide solution and 1000 micrograms of 39:33methyl cobalamin and 500 milligrams of 39:35magnesium chloride 500 CC sterile water 39:39or lactated ringers 25 50 grams of our 39:42score big acid B complex 39:45b1 and b6 one cc each I'm sorry 39:50we have the formula there 100 milligrams 39:52two milligrams riboflavin 100 milligrams 39:54Steinman which is b1 and 100 milligrams 39:59pure dachshund b6 infuse over 2 to 4 40:05hours including the the hydrogen 40:09peroxide of course patients must eat 40:11before and during the IV because of the 40:14hypoglycemic episode that we've seen by 40:16the way I practice in Florida for about 40:1915 17 years I had infusion centers there 40:24and we will give the same doses I never 40:27encounter hypoglycemia why is that well 40:30I think that Americans eat more than 40:32Puerto Ricans and that's the obesity 40:35rate we're eating all the time in the 40:37United States in Puerto Rico I started 40:39seeing hypoglycemia that's the first 40:41time I saw it and it's because when we 40:44ask people did you have breakfast today 40:45before yeah I had breakfast okay so when 40:48we asked him what breakfast was well I 40:51had a coffee and a little juice no 40:53that's not breakfast so historically and 40:56culturally we're not used to having 40:59those big breakfast so now we make 41:02patients sign a form I mean this is how 41:04problematic it was the hypoglycemia 41:07caused a lot of problems in our clinic 41:09when he started we have patients sign 41:13saying what they ate and bring in snacks 41:16during the IV they have to bring snacks 41:19so that's a that's a problem we have in 41:21Puerto Rico but we don't have it anymore 41:23we don't infuse if the blood pressure is 41:26above 150 over 95 we examine pain relief 41:31as the variable that then we assess and 41:34evaluate it so we used a numeric rating 41:36scale from zero to ten zero no pain ten 41:40the worst pain you've had in your life 41:41and we score the pain as follows we took 41:45all the sites and we did an average of 41:47all the size and that was the pain score 41:49so we did a pain score which was average 41:52of all the sides that hurt before and 41:54after the infusion that's how fast this 41:57can work we use a spss IBM 22 statistic 42:03package to see the relationship between 42:06the treatment and the pain score and 42:09that was plotted in a histogram and 42:11frequency tables I'll show you and we 42:14compare the parameters and use a p-value 42:17of 0.01 to determines significance 42:20instead of point zero five we upped it 42:23to point zero zero one that was a 42:27parameter of the 56 patients at the 25 42:32percentile of pain score lesser pain 42:34intensity pretreatment score of seven at 42:38the average and post treatment score was 42:40two so it went down from seven to two on 42:44the average on those lesser pain 42:47intensity patients for a 71% reduction 42:50of pain patients at the 75 percentile of 42:53pain score which are the ones that had 42:55the worst pain had a reduction of a 42:58score from eight to four 60% reduction 43:01of pain there was complete disappearance 43:05of pain on nine percent of the patients 43:07and no response in five and the p-value 43:13for this was less than point zero zero 43:15one but I want to show you the tables 43:18because they demonstrate this you know 43:21in an easier format for our eyes to 43:23catch the pain scores in the lower 43:27horizontal bar and how many patients in 43:30the vertical the frequency and as you 43:33can see most patients had from six to 43:35ten most patients had six to ten 43:40intensity all this group I mean that's 43:42that's a that's an excruciating paining 43:46most of these patients this is before 43:48treatment and this is immediately after 43:51treatment so but we saw that it wasn't 43:56like influenza were in most of the 43:58patients just one treatment will be 44:00enough we've seen that and this was not 44:03part of this paper with in chikungunya 44:04patients we need to give him three 44:06infusions of vitamin C day one two and 44:09three and that will eradicate 44:11practically ninety or more percent of 44:13the pain in all patients permanently 44:16but he's a very tough virus a virus 44:18compared to the influenza there were no 44:24reported side effects none zero so if 44:26you take the precautions of eating 44:28before and after treatment no side 44:30effects of course sometimes you may have 44:32a vasovagal reaction you may have also 44:36pain on the infusion side extravasation 44:38but in this particular group there were 44:40no side effects and as I told you 44:44patients had a recurrence of pain and a 44:46second and 30 infusion was needed at the 44:49time 44:49another important point the most 44:52commonly prescribed steroid for these 44:54patients with solu-medrol or prednisone 44:57I think that's a shooting a cockroach 45:00with a tank so which can kill it but 45:05it's quite it's not good I learned that 45:09court F 5 milligrams not only can help 45:11most of these patients 45:13that's hydrocortisone but he will not 45:16alter the pituitary adrenal axis so you 45:20can stop this in one day he doesn't have 45:24the danger of the suppression of the 45:26pituitary adrenal axis and it doesn't 45:29have the side effects of high-dose 45:30steroids so court F 5 milligrams we use 45:33with the patients and we definitely 45:35prefer that to the other stores so if 45:38you're gonna use tumors this is the one 45:40I recommend so from from that time we 45:44treated a 102 patients and the ultimate 45:48control with those 3 infusions usually 45:51around 90% and they have to eat before 45:54or during treatment and no air travel 45:56for 24 hours after the infusion why is 45:59that because hydrogen peroxide may 46:01produce small bubbles and that's not a 46:04problem clinically we don't have side 46:06effects but if you get in a plane and 46:09there are still bubbles there the 46:11exactly the same thing that happens to a 46:13diver when they come up too quickly can 46:15happen you can form bubbles we never 46:17seen that but we tell our patients not 46:19to travel 24 hours after that infusion 46:23or 24 hours after direct intravenous 46:27ozone infusion so that's a rule in our 46:29clinic 46:30we treated six patients with chikungunya 46:33with intravenous ozone because we we 46:37like Thomas levy here had the impression 46:40that also will work for that he has 46:42worked before for other viral illnesses 46:44and problems now over the years iíve 46:48done ozone and we used to give more 46:50doses and getting to some problems that 46:53we don't get into right now I I want to 46:57clarify that the Madrid declaration does 47:00not endorse direct intravenous infusion 47:02because of the problems that may be 47:03associated with it and I perfectly 47:06understand that I perfectly understand 47:08that consensus writing and in a way I 47:12agree with them the way I used to be 15 47:1420 years ago but if this is done 47:17carefully for example but what I call 47:20carefully is that we don't use more than 47:2220 gamma that's the concentration of the 47:26ozone with the oxygen ozone mixture that 47:30comes out of the machine if we have a 47:33higher concentration then we start 47:34getting sclerosing of the veins number 47:36one we don't want to get sclerosing or 47:38veins in anyone so once you get one of 47:41those side effects you want to avoid it 47:43and that's why I was leaning towards 47:46using all the ways of administering 47:48ozone that are gentler in the body and I 47:51definitely agree with gentle so now 47:54we're using xx gamma or less we have 47:56never since then gotten any sclerosing 47:58of the veins number 2 giving too much 48:02direct intravenous infusion vols or to 48:05rapidly could cause a temporary and 48:07below that will cause a tremendous 48:08coughed I can last an hour two very 48:12uncomfortable chest pains because they 48:14Lodge in the pulmonary artery branch 48:17system and that's another thing that we 48:20don't like to see and number three it 48:22also will cause that hypoglycemia to the 48:25point in some patients that it could 48:27cause a complete blindness which is 48:32temporary but it's very scary when it 48:35happens and it's totally reversible 48:37those are things you want to avoid and 48:40direct intravenous ozone if it's not 48:43done proper 48:44and by properly I mean 20 gamma number 48:47one number two we never start the way we 48:50used to when I started more than 20 48:52years ago during doing ozone with 30 to 48:5660 cc's of ozone that's what we used to 48:59do never again I start patients with Phi 49:02cc's then the following week I give him 49:06ten the following week 15 and if I keep 49:10doing that I will never see a problem 49:13anymore 49:14I don't see a problem anymore so we go 49:16slow low concentration eat before you 49:20come to the clinic very important issues 49:23and matters now over five to ten minutes 49:28now the body will get used to it 49:30but if a patient does not come for two 49:33or three weeks we start the process 49:35again so if they were a twenty and they 49:38come a month later we don't do 25 a 49:41month later because then we may get into 49:43trouble again the body will get this 49:45used to the ozone it was used to it and 49:49the mechanisms were clearing and 49:51accepting and we're fine so we start 49:53again at five or ten so if we follow 49:55those guidelines directing Trevino's 49:57ozone is is safe effective and cost 50:02effective as well and we will have no 50:05side effects so we start with a five ten 50:08fifteen there was and we did those three 50:12three days in a row you know patient 50:14these six patients with chikungunya they 50:17had complete resolution of pain within 50:19three days in all six patients and one 50:22patient had minimal chest discomfort 50:24that clearing one hour it wasn't the 50:27usual cough or the usual chest pain just 50:30a discomfort but we have to study this 50:33more it's only six patients and we're 50:37continuing to look into that so in 50:41conclusion and I wanted to add one more 50:44thing because the epstein-barr virus is 50:49is endemic in Puerto Rico and I guess in 50:52the United States as well you remember 50:54the term Burkitt's lymphoma is a 50:56lymphoma there was a soul 50:57ciara with the virus in children in 50:59Africa because we have a mixture of 51:02African blood with Spanish blood and in 51:07the and Indian blood in Puerto Rico we 51:11have this virus in the whole population 51:13and I found that in every patient with 51:16lymphoma in Puerto Rico that I've seen I 51:18don't know how many because we're 51:20counting them now it might be it must be 51:23anywhere between 40 to 75 patients I'm 51:26not sure yet but all of them I have done 51:29a titer of epstein-barr IgG viral capsid 51:32antigen and nuclear antigen so if you 51:35have a patient that you suspect chronic 51:37fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia 51:40hypothyroidism every patient with 51:43hypothyroidism in Puerto Rico we started 51:46suspecting them of having Epstein Barr 51:49as the cost of the hypothyroidism of 51:51course cause of hypothyroidism is a 51:54multi-faceted 51:55topic because obesity pollution will 52:01predispose that thyroid but eventually 52:04we have these patients with many nodules 52:06and the nodules are biopsied was the 52:09most common result of a negative biopsy 52:11chronic lymphocytic infiltrate it's all 52:15normal but it's a chronic lymphocytic 52:17infiltrate consistent with Hashimoto's 52:19thyroiditis but why do they have the 52:21Hashimoto's thyroiditis and why the 52:23chronic lymphocytic infiltrate so we 52:26started thinking epstein-barr and all 52:28these patients had the tightest up the 52:29roof we haven't done the antigen because 52:33it's much more expensive and some 52:35patients insurance doesn't cover it but 52:37the ones that we've done the IgG they've 52:39all come out positive all the papillary 52:41carcinoma patients on follicular 52:43carcinoma also have come out positive 52:45with an Epstein Barr virus titer so now 52:48we're managing hypothyroidism not only 52:51with the usual detoxification or weight 52:53reduction strategies but also as an aunt 52:56as a viral disease and the chronic 53:00fatigue syndrome of course on 53:01fibromyalgia that are positive to the 53:03titer and we've seen a excellent results 53:05and of course one of the main papers on 53:08epstein-barr virus and and the 53:11results of lowering antibody load in the 53:16body and also lowering the symptoms is 53:18dr. Han engage paper here from reordain 53:20clinic I think that was about two three 53:22years ago and that paper shows that 53:25vitamin C is effective against 53:27epstein-barr so we use the same 53:28strategies with these patients and they 53:31they've been very effective as well to 53:37summarize intravenous vitamin C and 53:39hydrogen peroxide infusions are 53:40associated with a significant 53:44significant and lasting reduction of 53:45pain in patients with chikungunya DVI 53:48which is direct venous introduction of 53:51ozone is associated with the 53:53disappearance of painting patients with 53:54chikungunya we need to study this 53:56further minor side effects were reported 53:58and most can be avoided by eating before 54:00and during infusions and we have the 54:05Zika virus 54:06in Puerto Rico how do I put it I think 54:13that's the the the you can only laugh at 54:16these things I think that's a big joke 54:18first of all I I've been hearing the 54:20news about this major epidemic in Puerto 54:22Rico but I haven't seen the epidemic 54:24number one number two we have seen some 54:28cases of Zika in the last month yes I 54:31have to say that we have seen them and 54:33he said characteristic conjunctivitis 54:36malaise a little sore throat but they 54:39usually go away by without any vitamin C 54:43the the is a very weak virus if it's a 54:46virus he's very weak and he's very short 54:52lasting but we started trying to develop 54:57a strategy to we we don't believe at all 55:00that this is crossing the microcephaly 55:02in children I'll tell you why if you go 55:06to the CDC website and I love giving the 55:08CDC website because they they themselves 55:10have the data 55:11the CDC has been reported on 55:13microcephaly for 30 or 40 years in the 55:16United States there are about 12 to 55:1815,000 cases of microcephaly a year but 55:21who's raised the alarm nobody's 55:23complaining about it 55:25that incidence has not changed with Zika 55:27is still there 55:28the CDC mentions as one of the main 55:31causes of microcephaly in the United 55:33States guess what pesticides in the 55:36website go to the eggs right there 55:37so they mentioned that pesticides but of 55:40course they don't say is the cause they 55:42say it could be a contributor you know 55:44how the language is so we have to be 55:47very careful about calling something due 55:49to a virus when in reality may be due to 55:52pesticides or him or he may be due to 55:54both and I'm not saying we shouldn't be 55:55careful we should be careful because we 55:58know German measles and measles can be 56:00associated to microcephaly and other 56:03congenital malformations so we have to 56:06be careful so I recommend vitamin C for 56:09pregnant females some of my colleagues 56:11say well that's gonna be it's gonna 56:14damage the the fetus I said no it's not 56:16and we have someone and I thanks thanks 56:21to Thomas levy gave me this reference 56:22from Klenner in the Journal of applied 56:24nutrition he treated 300 pregnant 56:26females all of them he gave vitamin C by 56:29mouth for grams the first trimester 6 56:33grams the second trimester and 10 grams 56:35the third trimester of pregnancy a day 56:38the labor was shorter in the ones I got 56:42the vitamin C less painful and the ones 56:44that got a verse was the ones that did 56:46not take it daily strea gravid re was 56:50totally absent in the females that will 56:53take vitamin c i would exercise after 56:55the pregnancy and there were no 56:58miscarriages or feeding problems and the 57:01children the day of their birth were 57:02started at 50 milligrams a day newborns 57:05at the time these a group of babies he 57:10had a the only quadruplets that survived 57:13there were the only surviving 57:14quadruplets in this southern USA the 57:16first group was from Cleaners group so 57:19Klenner showed that this was safe 57:21effective who knows because we don't we 57:24were he was not treating viral illnesses 57:26specifically but this is the protocol 57:29that i tell my patients with pregnancy 57:32to take not only for the possibility of 57:35Sica inducing malformations which i 57:38don't believe 57:39in at all because I that data does not 57:41support it but there are other viruses 57:43we have to be concerned about so I 57:45recommend that to the and other 57:47situations I can improve the quality of 57:49that delivery so I recommend this to the 57:52pregnant females and has been shown to 57:54be safe and I recommend you read the 57:57paper because it's quite informative so 58:01that's the suggested protocol for the 58:03pregnant females 58:04I saw I've seen for patients so far one 58:07that was confirmed by laboratory from 58:09the CDC and all have responded within 24 58:12hours to vitamin C oral intravenous but 58:15I have no idea if it was vitamin C oral 58:18or intravenous or just a natural course 58:20of the disease because it is a very mild 58:22virus I have to be honest with you so 58:24I'm not taking any credit whatsoever we 58:27have to study this further but it's a 58:29very gentle virus compared to the others 58:31not so chikungunya
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