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Food Addiction
Food Addiction

Dr Lustig explains how sugar and simple carbs are harmful and addictive. Here's some information on what to do about junk-food addictions:

Take supplements. About 6-10 grams of vitamin C per day and 500 mg niacin.

Please also note that Vitamin A fixes eating disorders: A woman in the UK lost 300 lbs by eating just pumpkin for over a year: “If I get peckish, I will pick up a piece of cooked pumpkin instead of the naughty snacks I used to eat."

Pumpkin is a great source but one should also take Halibut Liver Oil pills, as this form is more universally absorbable than some others.

Dr Hoffer has information about this in his book. He used supplements especially niacin to treat alcoholics, and he explains the connection between addiction and nutrition. See page 263:

Linus Pauling used vitamin C to ease opiate addiction. Ewan Cameron (3) treated cancer patients on heavy doses of opiate-type painkillers. When vitamin C stopped the pain for five cancer patients, the patients wanted no morphine. Importantly, they had no withdrawal symptoms.

3. Cameron E & Baird GM. Ascorbic acid and dependence on opiates in patients with advanced disseminated cancer. J International Research Communication. 1973; 1(6):33.

Evangelou 2000 - Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) effects on withdrawal syndrome of heroin abusers. NIH: Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), administered orally in high doses has been observed to relieve pain and reduce opioid use in cancer patients. In vitro studies have also shown that antioxidants, such as vitamin C, may, at high concentrations, inhibit the endogenous opioid degrading metalloenzyme and increase endorphin levels

Khanna 1983 - Megadoses of vitamin C prevent the development of tolerance and physical dependence on morphine in mice:

Patients report morphine has no effect after an intravenous Vitamin C treatment. - Cameron

Dr Lustig explains food and diet impacts on health.

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