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Western Food
Western Food

Western food can mean foods adopted by western countries after colonization. This might be described as colonial food.

Potatoes are indigenous to the Andes region in South America. Now potatoes are a staple across Canada and US. What to do with potatoes?

Eating too many starchy foods like potatoes can be dangerous to health and result in diabetes, obesity, and shorter lives.

To lower the glycemic value of potatoes for healthier eating, one can simply cook potatoes and cool them before using them to cook again.

A good example of this is making Rosti, a dish for breakfast in Germany. First, boil potatoes whole. Then chill in fridge overnight. In the morning, grate the potato into a hot pan of oil. Cook until brown on both sides.

This chilling part plays a big role in converting simple carbs to more complex carbs, benefiting you by lowering the glycemic load of potatoes, frying easier in the pan, and keeping you full longer, as it takes longer to digest more complex carbs.

Red potatoes baked, have a glycemic value of 9. [1]

In comparison, Potato flour has a glycemic value of 55.[2]

This protocol for lowering glycemic value of starchy food was developed by University of Toronto, in relation to the insulin discovery; and the same method also works for rice. Simply cook, cool, and cook to lower the glycemic value of the starchy food.

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