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Inuit Food History
Inuit Food History

Pedersen 1997

"Results The average consumption of marine mammals and fish was 28 meals per month. In Greenland 14% of males and 30% of females were physically inactive compared with 14% and 17% in the general population of Denmark; 79% were current smokers and 22% smoked 15+ cigarrettes per day compared with 42% and 21% in Denmark. High density lipoprotein (HDL) concentration was 1.6mmol/l in Greenland (1.1 in Denmark) and triglyceride concentration 1.0mmol/l (1.5). Obesity, blood pressure and total cholesterol were similar in Greenland and Denmark. There were significant differences between Greenlanders with a predominantely traditional childhood and those with a more westernized childhood with regard to diet, physical activity (in women) and blood lipids.

Dorset Pre-Inuit and Beothuk foodways in Newfoundland, ca. AD 500-1829
Harris 2019

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