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Bad diet
Bad diet

Pictured is white flour, cookies, cake mix, Tang drink crystals, can of icing sugar, bag of sugar and canola oil.

These are the unhealthy items.

Tea, coffee and baking powder are more or less harmless.

The unhealthy items are pure carbs, all made of carbs and/or sugar, and carbs turn into sugar during digestion. This is why these items are dangerous. The type of oil in the bottle is an unhealthy one. It damages cell membranes. All super-heated oil does this and canola is one of them.

Coffee mate is not so bad in itself as much as what it means to be using whiteners. It means the tea or coffee is getting no saturated fats from actual milk or cream, and so has lost it's flavour. In industry they make up for lost flavour with added sugar, and unhealthy and addictive habit.

What if we used canned pumpkin instead?

If we are going to enjoy Western food, or baking desserts for loved ones, why not make it a bit healthier by using pumpkin.

Instead of buying 3 bags of ingredients, buy only 1 can of pumpkin puree. Add ginger powder, add cinnamon, add eggs and you've got a pie that is pleasant to eat and won't damage your health.

In fact, it may improve it. Canned pumpkin is one of the very few vegetables that gain nutrition during the canning process. Just one can would have over 10,000 IU of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is so named because it was the first one found, possibly because it's used in so many places in the body.

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