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Marik 2017 | Dr Marik Protocol
Marik 2017 | Dr Marik Protocol

How is the Dr Marik protocol relevant to nearly all disease affecting Inuit today?
It is very difficult to explain without training and experience in this field.

If you wait until the patient is nearly dead from the inexorable and inevitable state of sepsis, then administer the protocol, you will find the patient will make a full recovery as have 100% of the cases so far that have used this.

What I'm suggesting, If you don't wait until the patient is nearly dead, the protocol will indeed work as I have said.

If I may refer you to Klenner's work in the 1940s and 75 years subsequent references in Medline there is no shortage of evidence that this will work.

Thus we need education, not research at this point. We have all the tools we need.

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