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Garden 2018
Garden 2018

Our seed list

Green box:
pie pumpkin 10/21/17
buttercup 01/2018
Org delicata #4 03/18
golden apple 12/21/17
org butternut 01/18
butternut 04/18
sweet dumpling 12/30/17
organic pink banana 03/2018
casper pumpkin 04/2018
stripetti 12/21/17
peppers 01/10/17
jalapeno/poblano 2018
mystery seed 2017
mesclun mix 04/2018
red and white strawberry 04/2018

Blue box:
acorn 11/11/17
pumpkin (lg)
acorn squash 10/21/17
buttercup 11/11/17
buttercup 11/17
buttercup 10/17/17
pumpkin (large) 2017
butternut 12/06/17
delicata 12/06/17
delicata 12/06/17
mulato 04/18 (smoked)
jalapeno 01/10/17
seedless orange bell pepper 12/18/17
cayenne 01/10/17
chilli from neighborhood 11/29/17
pepper 01/10/17
canna lilies 01/10/17
daylilies 2017
rosehips 2017
mystery seed 01/10/17

Black box:
Turban buttercup 12/21/17
Musquee de Provence 12/21/17
Carnival acorn 12/30/17
Sweet Dumpling 12/21/17
Org kabocha 03/18
Org Delicata #2 02/07/18
Delicata x 2
Grass seeds 2017
Mystery Giant Flower 2017

plot mulato - Mulato 75 days plot delicata -  100 days. Will do okay planted late. plot dumpling -  90 days.
plot fairytale -  120 days. Plant Early plot turban -  80 - 110 days plot serrano - Serrano

Our garden plot

Front yard: 3 large pots with bush variety squash and/or climbing squash for the trellis hanging off the tree by the corner: turban, delicata, butternut. Rope from fence over tree branch and attached to other fence. Will attach ropes vertically and tie vines up to these. Might look like a suspension bridge such as the Golden Gate.
Delicata: excellent climber, also bushy. Sweet Dumpling: trellis. Butternut: trellis. Turban: trellis. Bush plants: Tomatoes, Chillies.
Back yard: Fairytale pumpkin, or other large sprawling squash. Most likely two varieties: fairytale and turban.

Id decided to add fertilizer, because I kept reading that the healthier your plants, the more resistant they are to pest and disease.
Grew these for the first time; high plains of Colorado. They were affected but not a favorite of the squash bugs. Quite prolific even though I planted late and from seed.
They suit our shorter, cooler summers.
Needs room if not bush variety.

General WINTER STORAGE SQUASH - for fresh market & processing
Seed size varies according to type, see below.
CULTURE: Sow all types of winter squash, outdoors June 1st. when the soil temp. has reached 60-65F/16-18C temps. during the day. Earlier sowings in cooler ground, should be treated to prevent seed rot. Seed size varies: Large seeded types like hubbards require 3-4 lbs/1.5-2 kg per acre. Small seeded varieties like butternut require 1.5-2 lbs/0.8 kg per acre.
SPACING: Large vine types, should be planted in rows 9 - 10 ft/2.7 - 3 m apart. Small and bush types require rows 6 - 8 ft./2 - 2.4 m apart. Space plants 4 ft/122 cm apart in the rows for both types. Sow @ 4 - 5 seeds per ft./31 cm or in hills or groups of seed @ 6 seeds per hill, 4 ft/122 cm apart. Sow seed 1/2 in./ 13 mm deep, cover and firm.

Keep plants well cultivated, fairly shallow as long as possible without injuring the vines.

Disc into the top soil @ 600 lbs/272 kg of 6-24-24 per acre before seeding in early May.

Winter squash should be allowed to ripen thoroughly in the field. Winter squash must be picked before your first frost and cured for 10 days or 2 weeks before storing. Curing hardens the outer skin, reduces high water content and improves eating quality.

Pile fruit in the field for 2 weeks during dry weather, before frosts - or keep fruit inside at room temp. of 80F/27C and 80% relative humidity for 4 weeks.

Squash require a warm dry condition for storage. Handle fruit carefully to prevent bruising, leave a small space between fruit in single layers. Maintain a temp. of 60F/16C degrees and relative humidity of 70%

: Cut into chunks, peel, cook until soft in a little water. Mash, cool, pack and quick freeze.

Cherry, Roma, Big ones, Grape (tom thumb)

Looking for habanero seeds.

Our garden

Squash plants:
1 Fairytale
2 Pink Banana
2 Buttercup (turban)
1 possible Buttercup
1 pepo
1 possible pepo
1 possible casper
4 Early Butternut

4 Jalapenos
4 Bishops crown

Next year we are going to grow some seeds that we've saved. We mainly want to grow: small yellow tomato, big yellow tomato, Sunset bell peppers, and lots of delicata squash. Definitely will be growing red romaine again. Might be growing some unique hot pepper varieties from Kensington.

Plan for next year: Plant seeds early in January - Feb. Move seedlings out early.
In June or early July plant 2nd crop of squash seeds to be ready for transplanting in early August.

Next year's list:
Zucchino Rampicante Squash - a moschata zucchini, resistant to SVB.
Yellow grape tomatoes. Did really well this year.

Next year may also wipe stems and leaves down with Neem oil. Also may use yellow bowls of soap water to trap SVB moth.
Will try growing maxima and pepo squash along the ground, so vines can spread out and root. Hoping this will help hem survive vine borers better.

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