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Richard Sexton 5 September 2018 · Imagine if the fraudulent climate propaganda were replaced instead by something that actually benefit people instead of a small number of related corporations. Other countries do things like this. Of the ones that need to the most though, have every excuse to not do this and don't seem to be able to get around to it. Oh look STRAWS! THE GREATEST THREAT MANKIND HAS EVER FACED. Excuse me but litter, plastic or otherwise, doesn't kill. It's litter, and not equatable to he millions of year who die from air pollution alone and the ones we can't count that die from water pollution. Some specues are gone now wiped out by the global scourge of US industrial pollution.…/coral-coast-cuba-flourishing-rare-glim…
Jwh Yong is with Natalie Phoon and 3 others. 15 May 2016 · ASD 20.308 image
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