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The world's moving at the speed of business, so is technology. The highest technology is adapted for the financial market first. Money as the fastest, biggest market. Cryptocurrency technology is used in the financial industry first, the effect of the financial industry's use will extend to other industries and slowly chage their technology. objects like credit cards will take new forms or disappear. we will go digital but slowly.

business evolves fast. the business of money evolves first.

Michael Novogratz worth 3.2 bil in 2007

he was a partner at Goldman Sachs where he spent lots of time working abroad including leadership roles in Asia and Latin America.He revealed in 2017 that 20% of his net worth was in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Philip Saunders

Nebulis draft

Nebulis, a decentralized, uncensorable internet which uses the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) [1] as a storage and transport layer, and the Ethereum blockchain for DNS utility

instead of typing in https; type in ipfs
Swiss Swiss Official Gazette Trade Swiss official trade paper Thursday - Thursday - Thursday, 26.01.2017, No 18, vintage - year - year: 135 Trade register - Commercial register - Trade Register ZG Mutation - Mutations - Mutations the Foundation Ethereum, in Zug, CHE-292.124.800, Foundation (SHAB no. 2, 4 January 2017, Publ. 3259551). Registered persons new or mutating: Buterin, Vitali, Canadian national, in Singapore (SG), President of the Board of Trustees, with individual subdivision [previously: in train]. Day Registration no. 960 of 23.01.2017 / CHE-292.124.800 / 03307497

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