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"A prime example of biomimetic architecture is the Eden Project in Cornwall, England, which consists of a sequence of eight ‘biomes’ or greenhouses. A sequence of inter-linked geodesic transparent domes that covers 2.2 hectares, it encapsulates vast humid tropic and warm temperate regions that house different species of plants from around the world. The design of the biomes were inspired by soap bubbles and mimic nature’s way of filling 3-D space in the most efficient way. Structurally, each dome is a hex-tri-hex space frame that has two layers. The frame is made of steel tubes and has joints that are light and small. The cladding panels are triple-layered pillows of ETFE foil, a Teflon-like translucent plastic, thus making each dome environmentally efficient, with maximum surface area and minimum perimeter detailing."

Eden Project

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