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Hello; I'm Clara Sexton, CTO of Canada's oldest web company VRx Network Services (The Canadian Internet Handbook, 1994). I specialize in web curation of digital assets and SEO optimization on a wide scale from personal use to enterprise software.

Our main focus is to make all information on the web as easy to find as possible for all by optimizing readability and accessibility.

I am a recent graduate from Canada's own OCADU where I studied in a program which intersects technology, science, art and design. This led to the creation of the world's first biomimetic software which I use to update hundreds of websites daily, and maintain several museum-grade encyclopaedic and research sites perused by thousands of scientists, biologists, hobbyists and laypersons as well.

There really isn't anything that I can't do in relation to the net or computers.

If you're curious what the future of digital curation looks like, look no further:

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