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Pure CSS, no timer calls


Accurate to 1/1000 of a second to a tier 2 NTP timebase

pure css + js object clock-03.html

Big clocks are easy to do and have them accurately tell time, the smaller the clock the more difficult it is to show an accurate time display because you are getting to the one pixel level. This clock will accurately display time on all screen resolutions.

This clock simulates vintage flight chronograph hands of the WW1 - WW2 era as made by Lemania mimicked in CSS gradients for readability.

Clock also utilizes information hiding to be discreet as possible- you can only see it when you hover over it.

Can be used as a timebase.

Css: clock-04.html
Icons in page divs are responsive to all screen sizes. Try zooming in and making the window smaller.

Tags: #css3 #precision

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