The Clear-Flow Hose is The Right Choice For You

This one-of-a-kind, patent-pending hose is made of high quality materials in Canada. Watch out for cheap imitations. They are are cheap knock-offs made offshore from sub-standard materials. When it comes to durability and functionality – the quality of this hose makes a huge difference.

Unlike conventional hoses, the Clear-Flow Hose is self-draining. Because of this, very little water is left in it to get stagnate. Also – the hose is clear which allows UV rays to pass through it:

  1. So the water doesn’t get hot
  2. The UV rays help control bacteria

Other benefits include:

  1. It’s durable in hot and cold climates – it doesn’t kink like conventional hoses.
  2. It’s compact and ultra-light. With no water weight, it’s much lighter than conventional hoses.
  3. It’s drinking water safe because it’s made of NSF certified materials for potable water, in addition to the benefits outlined above.

Check out our video demonstration and instructions in the Clear-Flow Hose section here.