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August 2016
August 2016

 Banana, almond butter and cream

almond butter and cream

Banana, almond butter and cream topped with juice from a clementine for sweetness.
 Chopped egg tomato salad.

egg salad

Chopped egg tomato salad.
 Orange, clementine juice with soda water.

clementine soda

Orange, clementine juice with soda water.
Asian noodles on lettuce

asian-style noodles

Dinnerparty! Rog came over with a date. Made asian noodles on lettuce.
 Fried egg tortilla salsa

fried egg tortilla

Fried egg with cheese on top of tortilla, and salsa. Kiwis on side.
Purple basil

purple basil

Purple basil acquired from farmer's market. Thai food awaits.
Legendary 3 Meat Shepherd's Pie

shepherd's pie

3 meat Shepherd's Pie, veal, beef, pork cooked with a little grand marnier and onions, topped with potatoes and baked. The best Shepherd's Pie we've ever had, this batch has become legendary.
 Banana, cream, quinoa flakes.

bananas & cream

Banana, cream, quinoa flakes.
 Pineapple wine

Pineapple wine

Pineapple wine. Homemade with rinds of pineapple. Put in jar, add yeast, sugar, let sit. After a while you can drink it, but make sure to filter it.
Beef taco with yellow salsa and avocado


Tacos- Ground beef, cheese on top, heirloom, organic yellow salsa, avocado.

Visited farmer's market. Good haul.

   Yellow cherry tomato salsa. One of the best kinds of salsa.


Yellow cherry tomato salsa. One of the best kinds of salsa.
Fruit dessert

fruit & cream

Dessert with nectarine, some dragonfruit, kiwis, and juice of a clementine. Top with freshly ground flax and quinoa flakes before pouring on cream.
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