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Pumpkin and Squash Variety Guide
Pumpkin and Squash

Variety Guide

Edible Fruits of Genus Cucurbita.


winter squash

Growing pumpkin - Epcot Hanging Gardens

A guide to growing the winter vegetable known as squash or pumpkin. The use of the word "squash" and "pumpkin" are interchangeable, what is called a butternut squash is also known as a butternut pumpkin in different countries. As long as it has the orange yellow flesh inside, it's a squash/pumpkin.

Summer squash are squashes picked in summer before they are mature and the seeds are not fully developed and so can be easily eaten. Well known ones are zucchinis and similar.

Winter squash are harvested 30 days after summer squash, or more. Some winter squash can be picked early as a summer squash and are ideal for cooking.

Growing pumpkin - container gardening

Guide to Growing Sow fresh seeds as cucurbits cross pollinate.

all varieties

Cooking Pumpkin

Lagenaria flower

Gourds in genus Lagenaria


Varieties grown for Halloween decorations and as pie pumpkins

Pumpkin Variety Origins Map

Variety origins by city, region, and country



Summer Squash

summer squash

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