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Restaurant Style- Channa Masala
Restaurant Style- Channa Masala

0:04chana masala turned out yummy and it was 0:07absolutely delicious let's look into the 0:10ingredients and get started we need 1 0:12cup of chickpeas which is soaked 0:14overnight and cooked with quarter 0:17teaspoon of turmeric powder we need two 0:20medium tomatoes and three medium onions 0:23half a teaspoon of turmeric powder two 0:28tablespoons of chili powder kasoori 0:31methi or dried fenugreek about half a 0:33teaspoon ginger garlic paste about 1 0:38tablespoon 1 tbsp of garam masala powder 0:42and 1 tablespoon of coriander powder 1 0:46tablespoon of cumin powder or you can 0:48use cumin seeds what I've done is in a 0:52pressure cooker I have gone ahead and 0:55added the onions and tomatoes when I go 0:58ahead and add about 1/2 a cup of water 1:00and pressure cook this for to business 1:24now after two whistles and just going to 1:27go ahead and remove the whistle and I am 1:30going to add the cooked onion and tomato 1:33to a mixer jar and blend it into a 1:36smooth puree make sure you don't add any 1:38excess water you use the same cooked 1:40water while blending the onion and 1:44tomato a valedictory turning into a 1:48mixer jar and I'm going to blend this 1:50till it's nice and smooth 1:53once you finish preparing the paste I'm 1:56just going to go ahead and start 1:59preparing the curry now I've placed a 2:07handi on medium flame and to the handi 2:10have added about two tablespoons of oil 2:12and two tablespoons of ghee and to the 2:15ghee and oil I've gone ahead and added 2:17cumin seeds ginger-garlic paste and I'm 2:24also going to add the dried spices and 2:26fry all the ingredients to the raw 2:30flavor has gone now the dried 2:32ingredients would be garam masala powder 2:34coriander powder chili powder and 2:37turmeric powder now frying all the dried 2:41spices gives this curry an extra taste 2:44and this is the method you have to 2:46follow and it's very nice and tasty now 2:49just give this a good toss and fry it 2:51and once you once you see the spices 2:56forming you can go ahead and add the 2:58tomato and onion paste which is already 3:01created and I've already added the 3:03excess water from the tomato and onion 3:06paste I'm going to allow this to cook 3:08and boil for about two minutes or until 3:11the oil surfaces on top now once the oil 3:17surface is on top I'm just going to go 3:19ahead and add my cooked chickpeas you 3:22can use canned chickpeas which can make 3:25things really fast and it's easily 3:27available you can use the regular canned 3:31chickpeas you can drain the water out 3:32and you can use it I'm just going to 3:34give this a good stir 3:36I'm also going to add 3:37fenugreek leaves dried fenugreek leaves 3:39and at this point I'm going to place a 3:42cover and I'm going to get this to a 3:44boil once I get this to a rapid boil I'm 3:50going to add my secret ingredient which 3:53is going to be sweetened condensed milk 3:56yes I did see a person at a restaurant 4:00add sweetened condensed milk too to this 4:04China masala and that's bad I came home 4:08and I prepared the chana masala as he 4:10did and it turned out exactly like a 4:12restaurant style I did add a little bit
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