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 cactus pear jello
cactus pear jello with lychee and yogurt

Cactus Pear Jello

The extracted cactus pear juice is a beautiful red. I spoke to a farmer on Maui and she mentioned that her friend makes jello from the juice. I have never tried so I decided to experiment using unflavored gelatine. I used the box instructions as a guide and instead of using fruit juices I added 1 1/2 cups water since my cactus pear juice was concentrated. Once the jello is firm I added it to lychee (unfortunately came from a can) and store bought yogurt; the combination is strange but delicious. If you want you can also make jello shots for your party. Recently I was at my friend, Gigi's 50th surprise birthday party. Yes, Gigi was very surprised and we all had an amazing time at her party. Her friends, Chris and Rebecca came with a cooler full of very colorful jello shots. They said they made 150 shots! At the end of the night they gave me their recipe and I will share it with you today. Thank you Chris and Rebecca! Happy birthday to Gigi!

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