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The Teak Story
The Teak Story

We arrived at our Air BnBleed on a snowy night around midnight. It was the trendy part of Queen St. We saw a teak furniture set sitting on the curb. After an exasperated look, we moved 2 small dressers, a desk and a hutch into a small apartment that was thoroughly organized and already packed to burst. We stacked them into a corner. Next day when we had to check out, the carefully coordinated plans for delivery of our new furniture broke, and we left this 4 piece set neatly stacked in a corner of the apartment, just for one night. Not long after we left, we got several angry notes including one warning that this vegan is "triggered" by the unexpected surprise. We promised to pick it up the next day. Thing is, this very upset vegan who might have OCD definitely had a eal crossbow and several spears and weapons crammed into his tiny apartment. We returned, willing to risk life and limb to save our new set, but he wasn't there (thankfully). So we stashed this teak 4 piece set on the common area walkway on the roof of the 2 storey walk up. Our next AirBnB was even smaller and it took us a few days to arrange the furniture to make room for the delivery of our new set. We were surprised to find that our teak set weathered the intense snow, cold and rain fairly well, where lesser quality furniture would have disintegrated. With a little elbow grease, sandpaper and almond oil the teak was fully restored. Lesson: go for the teak, it can stand up to an angry vegan and a Neo-Arctic snowstorm for a week.
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