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In Memoriam of Isadore Jannetta

On Friday, February 9th, the Wychwood business community lost one of its original shopowners. Isadore emigrated from Italy to Toronto Canada with his Mother Nicoletta Jannetta and his two sisters, the late Carmel and Mary Jannetta in November 1927.

His father, Domenic Jannetta, opened up shop, selling fruits and vegetables at that corner in the 1920's. Isadore continued the family tradition, running a small family-owned grocery store located at 1364 Bathurst Street location called "The Jannettas". ( now Green Farms).

Isadore and his late wife Anna Jannetta ( Formerly Anna D'Amico) worked tirelessly, running the business as well as raising family of 6.(Frank, Vincent, Joey, Anna, Gregory, and Paul ) Family, as well as a hard work ethic, was important to Isadore. His children were involved in the business, helping out in the shop and with home deliveries of groceries ordered from their store. Being a family run business, they developed close relationships with many of their customers.

Mr. Jannetta as he was known to many, took great pride in only offering the best produce available. If the produce wasn't up to par he would take it home to his wife Anna who turned it into some of the most delicious pies, jams, jellies,relishes and chutneys anyone could ask for.

Isadore was a man of great faith. He and his wife Anna were active members s of Holy Rosary Church. In his later years, he attended St. Alphonsus.

When not at church you could find Isadore taking one of his long leisurely walks downtown or strolling along St.Clair stopping to chat with friends and neighbors. He remained active for most of his life slowing down only in his 90's.

Isadore Jannetta was a pillar of the Wychwood business community and will surely be missed.

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