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Urban gardening

People are starting to ask what to grow in their backyard in this cosmopolitan city as they prepare for winter and spring.

Heavy-producing plants that do well in this area include broccoli, butternut squash and Roma tomatoes. A cherry tomato plant is a bit smaller but yields a great amount. These are plants you can start harvesting every few days in mid to late summer, and ready for final harvest around September, though broccoli has been very hardy and harvested until early November.

Herbs: Parsley does very well outdoors in this part of the province, as does Mint. Cilantro is great but a bit difficult to grow, it likes hotter climates and goes to seed quickly, so you need to keep planting it throughout the season.
Other great herbs to grow are Sage, Oregano, Rosemary, Lavender, Basil and Thai Purple Basil

For most plants, you'll want the best dirt you can get- storebought, sterilized, and with microorganisms and fungi added- they call it Mycoactive Pro Mix. Add home-made compost too. Compost alone does wonders, but buying dirt can be worth the extra effort. With that and lots of water and sun the plants will produce lots of veg.

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