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VRx IPS Examples
VRx IPS Examples


Index Of Aquarium Life Illustrated Catalog of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes Built using VRx database software, the IPS (Internet Publishing System)

Images_of_Killifish_of_the_World is one of four websites authored by VRx and dedicated to the study of Killifish. Over 16,000 species of this genus is classified on our databases by name and taxonomic order, each with its picture included, for scientific purpose.


Museum grade curation of fish species, particularly the small and colourful Killifish. Website created and maintained by VRx.


A snapshot of our image database at VRx is responsible for the creation of this website as well as updating images, fonts, graphics and information as needed.

The CMS App

IPS is an Internet publishing system with the world first online editing system written in 1996 that lets you edit a webpage from a webpage. Over the decades the functionality has increased to a point where its now a robust enterprise app that does a number of things. Apache without IPS is just Gopher. IPS is all the software you need to do dynamic contemporary, full featured apps and websites.

I was part of a team from 2015 on that optimized the code using HTML5 instead of HTML and with the combination of DHTML and JavaScript, enhanced the user interface, so it meets or exceeds contemporaneous user experience. Written before CSS, i was able to optimize the code further both for the program UI and the resultant generative code so that it meets or exceeds contemporaneous CSS standards.

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