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Mexico has the second lowest rate of cancer in the world. [1]


Cilantro: removes heavy metals from the body ( Listen up, tuna fish eaters)

Oregano: High Carcavol percentage found in oregano. Use heavily!

Mixelated Corn: masa prepared with lime makes the niacin bioavailable, meaning your body can absorb the nutrients you need to stay sane.

Chillies: high amounts of vitamin C

Garlic: sulphorus food keeps iron levels from getting too high

Agua fresca: A lemon in your water with every meal gets more citrate and ascorbate into your digestive system and eases digestion

Lard: healthy fat

Sour Cream: Whatever you want to call your fermented dairy, a bit of something fermented everyday is good maintenance for your gut flora.

Eggs: a quick easy way to get all nutrients we need to live. Eating several eggs a day provides you with amino acids, Vitamin Bs and more. Very similar to the reason we eat sprouts.

Half the plate: Veggies! Tomatoes, lettuce, onion, avocado, sprouts

Not to mention tropical countries have an abundance of fruit - and they eat it! Oranges, strawberries, all the limes and lemons, and all the citrus you can handle.

We can also talk about the Beans & Rice phenomenon (they're more healthy together!) [1]

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