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Richard Sexton: Chris Norris False.

You folks don't seem to understand.

There's a molecule called glycine. It's one of the 23 amino acids your body needs. Glyphosate is a glycine molecule with a side chain of organophosphate, a big killer the Germans found in 1880 and that Hitler refined into the G series gasses of WWII.

Hitler never used it. Instead we modified it a little bit and call it Round Up.

Now, it works in bugs because when they take in a molecule of glycine and make proteins out of it, they die.
When that happens to us, things go badly in many ways. We've identified pathways for two so far for cancer and ALS.
You Have to be remarkably undereducated or a PR shill to not understand this.

Lying swine.

Anybody that can read knows better. Glyphosate is mistaken for Glycine by the body which is one of the 23 amino acids we use to build proteins.

Tell me Sucy Pseudoscience, what tf do you think happens when the body takes in an amino acid and makes a protein out of it but instead of if being an amino acid it was instead a molecule of a nazi era organophosphate big killer?

Well, as you can imagine Suzi Pseudoscience, good things don't happen next! Cancer and ALS are the two most obvious and we know about the cancer because doctors the world over launched a multi year campaign to get the WHO to point out everywhere people use glusphere they get the same kind of cancer and so often it defies belief. They did and that's why the organization you pay said your product is a "probably cause of human cancer". For the conservative and industry led organisation this is tantamount to a charge of murder, frankly. Your product gives people cancer and there is zero doubt. I hope you sleep well at night. Do you ever count the poeple that have died because of this? Do you? Some night you're going to.

That's how we know. And for the industry sponsored WHO to admi this is very nearly unprecedented. But when you're giving all the famers cancer, the public has a right to know.

How long did you say you worked at Monsanto? Or are you just paid by them? Nobody else has any vested interest in seeing Glyphosate keep going, you're poisoned the entire works food that that crap and it's a miracle you're not all in prison.

cf Erin Brockovich Marty Michener

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