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Richard Coulthard
23 May at 05:55 · tagAdd topics
Any research or proof for taking higher levels of all B vitamins for a wide range of illnesses..especially those caused by Lyme disease and its many coinfections?

Zelda Zonk
High-dose thiamine improves the symptoms of fibromyalgia. - PubMed - NCBI NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV
Paula Shepherd I think this is covered in the books recommended xx
Richard Sexton Dr. Tom Levy is a board certified thoracic surgeon and an attorney and he's the reason intravenous vitamin C is now legal in New Zealand as a "registered drug" any doctor or patient can ask for in any hospital or clinic there because it saved a man's life who was in a coma from swine Flu and the doctors were about to pull the plug on life support. He's fine today. These are his comments on the Riordan Clinic site, they have the greatest success with treating mental disease with these therapeutic agents.
"Acute Lyme Disease
A young woman in Pennsylvania was bitten by a pathogen-carrying tick, developed the classical Lyme-associated rash, and proceeded to get very ill over the next seven to ten days. She received several infusions of vitamin C at her house. The first infusion was 100 grams, and her caregiver reported that she seemed much improved upon the completion of that infusion. Five more infusions of 50 grams each were given over the next two days. By the time that 72 hours had passed, she was completely well, never having a clinical relapse or any chronic Lyme symptoms. Chronic Lyme Disease
A woman with a 12-year history of chronic Lyme disease, documented by blood testing, desired having regular and prolonged high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy for her condition. Under the aegis of a prescribing physician who had attended one of my presentations of vitamin C, a nurse practitioner was able to give the patient what she wished.
This individual had already been taking liposome-encapsulated vitamin C and glutathione orally without a significant improvement in her condition. On four consecutive days, she received infusions of 25, 50, 75, and then 100 grams of vitamin C. Then, for 19 more days, she received 5 or 6 infusions weekly of 100 grams of vitamin C in each infusion. Until day 23, she felt no improvement. However, she was determined to continue in spite of the lack of improvement and the increasing expense of the whole process. On day 23, the nurse practitioner reported that she looked like a new person, and that it was like a “switch was flipped” and she was well. At her request, the patient received another week of 100 gram daily infusions to be sure her condition was truly resolved, a very good idea on her part. About a month later, her Lyme blood testing was completely negative.
A physician reported to me similar experiences with a series of Lyme patients, who showed no positive clinical response after an extended number of vitamin C infusions, then had a dramatic, abrupt clinical resolution of their condition, very much as described above."
The Clinical Impact of Vitamin C: My Personal Experiences as a Physician - Riordan Clinic RIORDANCLINIC.ORG

Katie McGrahan 17 September 2018 · tagAdd topics I increased my daily dose to 12000mg. I have been taking 1000mg hourly. I think my voices are less and less paranoia. Does it take time to build up in system and should I try taking 4000mg 3 times daily instead of 1000mg every hour or so? Would I get better results? Feel great today. Thanks
RS: Keep going, when they stop stay there for a little while then begin to taper down to a pout where you're still ok. you're doing well.

Aimee Mountjoy
17 September 2018 · tagAdd topics Is anyone else on here taking niacin because they have a B3 deficiency?
RS: It doesn't work like that. If you look at the biochemistry of human evolution there were changes in diet that drove changes in te brain, in size complexity and increased specialization. Here's the catch, the unusually rapid development of the brain was because od dietary shirts that emphasized large amount os especially omega 3 fatty acids and commensurate very high levels of the various enzymes and minerals the body requires that we can not make. This was a result of being a hunter gatherers that always lived near the sea. The biochemistry of this is very well understood now even to the point where we have detailed levels of this stuff. Long story short we've evlved to the point where we'd have to eat 5000g of skeletal meat to get the amount of niacin our body could potentially use. An more would not be used, but about that much is optimal. Now, it's possible to live on much less but issues start to pop up as levels go lower.
So, if you're not taking at least near gram doses of niacin you're probably able to get by ok but it's noting compared to what it's like when metabolism is stepped up to a great fraction of what it's capable of.

Evelyn Trista
January 13 2019
Hi guys, this might not be the school-related question, but do you have any suggestion for the best vitamin works for daily fatigue? A sip of daily caffeine doesn't seem to be working anymore haha
All energy in the body is made int he citric acid cycle of the mitochondria, the "powerhouse of the cell". Please understand all energy from all our cells is made of this.
Citric acid cycle is a complex biochemical pathway, that uses about a dozen chemicals as precursors or raw materials, all of these we make except for 3 which we have to eat. The three we cannot make are 1)citric acid, 2)ascorbic acid, 3)nicotinic acid. People often do not have quite enough of these.
Citric acid is best taken as juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water first thing int he morning. Ascorbic acid is $5 at Bulk Barn in the canning aisle. Take a teaspoon or two in warm water or with lemon juice.
Niacin is free on the Ontario Dug Benefit. Take 1-3 a day with food until you find the right level for you. You may require more than this but most people don't. Even doing one of these things will help. Doing all three is your best shot at peak energy.
You should first rule out you're not sick by talking to your doctor and you should see him anyway because you need to see them for the script for niacin otherwise you're paying $12.
Dr. said no baby possible, ever...
Samantha Stephens 24 November at 18:31 When I was 13, I was diagnosed with leukemia. When I was 15, I had a bone marrow transplant with extensive chemotherapy. I was told I would never have a child. Even had hormonal testing and was deemed infertile. I didn’t have normal menstrual cycles until I started Keto (I was lucky to have 3-5 a year). My spouse had fertility problems as well. Two years after being on Keto, we found out I was pregnant. I am 25 now and 14 weeks pregnant. Keto helped make my little blessing
Sharon Andrews Liposomal vitamin C cured my sepsis c section infection that would not respond to antibiotics. I had never even heard of high doses and I was only taking 2g a day (2 packets of livon labs liposomal c) and it worked in less than 2 days, after battling serious infection for weeks on antibiotics with it only getting worse. Backstory, my sister died of sepsis at 27 years old only a year before this happened to me, which is why I refused hospitalization bc I didn’t want to die on IV antibiotics that didn’t work like she did. So I scrambled for an alternative, and liposomal c worked.
‎Erica Varney‎ to Liposomal Vitamin C: I'm TOTALLY impressed and mad I didn't start making lipo C a long time ago!! Started making it about a month ago. I have gone an entire week without needing my nebulizer first time this has happened in years! I had been at BT of Ascorbic acid for 6 months, but the lipo really kicked up healing/ detox I can tell!! Whoot, whoot!!
‎Erica Varney‎ to Liposomal Vitamin C: Hi everyone! Sorry for the novel in advance. I'm finally stepping into the lipo c world which I know I should have done years ago. I have two boys (both unvaxxed, if you're wondering 😉) who have had full body eczema, histamine intolerance and allergies, since birth. And asthma for the older. Both still have a bit of eczema and occasional histamine issues. No more asthma or allergies anymore. So major progress!! I'd like to add lipo, but unsure how much to do? Should I add lipo onto the ascorbic acid they are currently taking or should I substitute their AA amount with lipo? I'm a little lost here. This is what they are taking: My 5 year old has been on BT AA for 2 1/2 years now (he started at 65gs to now 10gs to BT) and my 8 year old been at BT for 1 1/2 years (is at 35g a day) I'd like to make it myself but haven't bought an ultrasonic machine yet. So I just my first bottle of lipo. Looks like 5 ml is 1000mg of AA. Help!?
Nora Leininger: BT AA totally cured my "cold urticaria" since age 14, that turned into 15 years of almost daily/nightly hives.. ugh. Not a single hive since doing BT AA since last June!
‎Paul OBrien‎ to NIACIN B3 and its HEALING BENEFITS 22 hrs · Your brain is 78% cholesterol and if you do things to reduce your cholesterol you can cause health problems the major studies recently show that your cholesterol should be above 200 as you get older so the only reason to take niacin instead of niacinamide is to lower cholesterol. People people with higher cholesterol live longer. I take with Dr. Hubbard recommends and that is six 500 mg tablets of niacinamid each day like Dr. Hoffer recommends. By taking niacinamide my pain allow me to get 100% range of motion back and I've been feeling great since I started taking niacinamide. Niacinamide is much better than niacin. I am 83 years old.

RS: Cholesterol is a family of chemicals that occur in many species. Some of these are raw materials used to make vit D when UBV hits you from the sun. Everybody knows you make vit D from the sun but did you know what it's made from? Cholesterols. D is a secosterol, one ring is broken from a cholesterol. Others, like VHDLDL are made in the liver from fructose and cause CVD. (See Lustig's sugar video for a good explanation of this biochemical pathway) They're not a homogeneous bunch!

Frank B: So Richard do you completely agree with these high cholesterol numbers as being healthy

RS: Frank some should be high some should be low. VHDLDL you want none of, that's the one niacin eats. the others you want to be on the high range of normal. high is better than low here though. the link to CVD was esclisifvly fro VHLDL and fructose, not dietary intake of cholesterol or fat. That turned out to be an error in one linear regression in one book. Lustigs video explains this well.

03/14/18 Q: ‎Ross Brunton‎ to NIACIN B3 and its HEALING BENEFITS 13 hrs · My sister had a contraceptive implant for 1 year. Recently she was diagnosed with low estrogen. It will be 1 year in July since she had it removed. I know vitamin D, omega 3s, B complex, selenium, C and E and zinc are all good for hormones. Does anyone have information about dosage or experience treating low estrogen. These appears to be more info on estrogen dominance. I know about maca so no need to discuss that here . Thanks

RS: Estrogen like insulin and serotonin is a neurotransmitter.

Serotonin is the happy juice depressives lack.
Insulin is what type II diabetic lack.
Estrogen is what your sister lacks.

Here's the thing, in many cases the neurotransmitter is not actuallylacking and this apparwnt medical mystery is best exemplified by their description of type ty diabetes: "there is enough insulin in the body but the body just doesn't seem to be able to use it" ans that's true of all three of these.

Also, what does the body need to make estrogen? I don't know either but if you look it up you're going to find substances the body makes, there's always enough of them, but there's also things we must eat and can not make. Take a lot of those and that along may help.

As for the neurotransmitted efficiency reduction this is explained by horrobin

Ross Brunton Her blood tests show low estrogen. They didn't say she couldn't uptake it.

RS: ..horrobin's hypothesis which very roughly stated says over time replacement of the correct omega 3 fats in the cellular membrane where neurotransmitters are, with too many animal or trans fats (especially!) results in a decreased efficiency of the neurotransmitter in that case. Why is pretty boring ans has to do with molecular geometry and stuff which I can explain if you like but what you probably really want to know is how to fix it.

Freshly ground flax meal and organic sunflower lecithin daily. It takes 3-12 months to work completely as those compromised cells need to be replaced with cells that do not have a corrupted endoplasmic reticulum.

03/06/18 ‎Ian Peterson‎ to NIACIN B3 and its HEALING BENEFITS 4 hrs · Started supplementing with niacin 300mg a day before bed. acne has reduced in literally 3 days. Music sounds better and I feel like I have a lot more energy. Do these effects reduce in the long term or likely to continue ?
It's very strange that niacin would help my skin. I've struggled with acne since I was a teenager and Im 31 now. As far as the energy goes - I wonder if this is how normal people feel all the time.
RS: niacin, b6, c zinc and the 4 things that when they are in to small amounts lead to acne and depression. the skin and brain are formed from the same germ plasm and are thus very similar. Hoffer noticed the proper treatment for acne cured depression and vice versa. clever bugger wasn't he?
03/05/18 ‎Lori Ann‎: Last time I had my cholesterol checked it was 320 and my doctor prescribed Welchol, which was 6 huge pills to take all at once daily. It brought my cholesterol down to 230 which pleased my doc. I hated taking the med, so I stopped taking it. Then I learned about Niacin. After about a year of 1000mg Inositol Hexanicotinate 2x/ day (not a fan of the flush), I had blood work done. My cholesterol is now 232! Niacin is as effective as medication!

03/02/18 Lori Christner: Just wondering whatHere is my story...I'll try to make it short. I have chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML) caused by TET2 mutation. Studys have been done with high doses of Vitamin C and mice injected with the mutation. Positive results have been found (i'd say great results!). Here is the government link to the results of some of these studies : So of course I have contacted the hospital and doctor performing the trial. They said I don't qualify because I live in Nebraska. That's what the receptionist told me anyhow....WTH! So I am on a quest to do my own "trial". I contacted different doctors and one that is not doing the trial but was involved in the studies on mice gave me this information on how the trial is going to be administered: "patients will be started on Vitamin C continuous intravenous infusion through a pump for 5 consecutive days and the pump will be exchanged every 24 hours and the cycle afterwards will be repeated every 4 weeks. Vitamin C will be available as 50 gm vials at a concentration of 500 mg/ml. There should be no preservatives in the vitamin C product" I have been researching the best way to keep my Vitamin C levels as high as I can get them or should say maintain them. I do know they are going to do blood test every week for the 4 weeks between cycles. The whole thing will last 4 months. Anyway...sorry I said short...and lied....but that what has led me to your group. If the study works in the hell are they going to administer something like this without hooking up all us leukemia patients for weeks at a time? Just guys seem to be already working on this. I started going to closest place...140 miles roundtrip...for IV. My last dose was 25g next it will be 37.5g and on up to 50g once a week. I wish I could do twice a week but they charge me an office call every trip plus the vitamin C. Not covered at all by my insurance and the cost of gas...not going to happen. I want to do my own injections...anyone do this? Appreciate any thoughts!

04/01/18 Anthony G Carroll: Hi All....Happy New year to everyone. I wanted to share these 2 videos of my beloved and amazing mother. I care for my mother (with amazing help from my father) My mother was diagnosed with Mild Dementia March 2016. She also has a number of other health issues, including Type 1 Diabetes & Severe Mobility issues. Major challenges but ones I have been more than happy to meet to maker her life (and my fathers life) more comfortable and happier. My mothers mobility has been severely damaged after a hip fall at her home Oct 2014. However, it has been made considerably worse by some god damn awful surgeries and feeble Rehabilitation by the Medical System over here in Ireland. She has never recovered really and is mainly confined to wheelchair to get around and relies on myself for transfers to and from bed/chair etc. The most recent surgeries happened between Sept and Nov last year. iIt turned out, the hospital where doing everything in their power to prevent myself and my father from taking my mum home, where she wanted to be and where she would be well looked after as she has been. During this time and up until Dec 11th when we finally managed to get her out of the hospital, her Dementia became very severe, which often is the case during hospital stays. However, on this occasion, the hospital told myself and my father that my mother was a very ill woman, her Dementia was severely worse and her heart was showing signs of big issues. We where told, she 'could have a heart attack at any moment'..Awful to hear... It turned out, it was all lies. I will explain all in another post to follow. In the meantime, I put my mum on a powerful detox, immune boosting, brain nourishing, enriching nutrient rich nutritional plan including Niacin B3 & High dose Vitamin C.. The Niacin did seem to cause strong sleepiness and fatigue at 1st, but after altering the dose etc, she is so much more alert. The before and after videos attached are only 3 weeks apart. It shows the rapid improvement. I will continue to help my mum to improve. The body and brain can heal themselves when the right cleansing and nourishment is given. At least, allowing my mum a happier, longer life....If i was to have listened to the Hospital medics or left my mother under their care, well she would not have lasted long at all... I am happy to send details of the complete natural nutritional program my mother is on at home...
Before video
After video

My daughter (age 18) is nutritionally deficient (high-sugar, junk food, and processed food diet), which has consequently resulted in nutritional depression. She's done 2 suicide attempts in a 6-week period, both drug overdose. "Depression is a symptom. Depression is not a condition. It’s not an illness; it’s simply a symptom." Dr. Hyla Cass
She's been in counseling therapy with a psychotherapist. However, I found out that a general practitioner prescribed citalopram (Celexa), which, like all other antidepressants, has a mile-long list of adverse side effects and is a suicidal-causing medication. She didn't take citalopram consistently if at all, though, so possibly the med isn't to blame for the suicide attempts; thus, this is why I believe her suicidal tendencies stem from nutritional depression, which, in turn, stems from nutritional deficiencies and lack of emotional coping skills and other history which I won't go into at this time. Her 1st suicide attempt was right before Halloween (took a handful of sleeping pills, and slept it off). Her 2nd suicide attempt was December 1st (took a handful of citalopram) and ended up in the ER. She was staying with her father during both attempts, but she's staying with me now so I could get her through the niacin sauna detox (I have the best full-spectrum infrared sauna on the market). This detox protocol is beginning to help eliminate both of the overdose drugs from her body, in addition to other toxins. (How do I know? She is now reexperiencing the adverse side effects of the drugs as a result of the drugs and toxins being released from her fat cells and dumped into her circulatory system.) I've also implemented an organic grass-fed dietary protocol so as to address her nutritional deficiencies, thereby addressing the depression. In addition, she takes excellent vitamins by Dr. Ben Lynch and Bulletproof. We are waiting for her outpatient therapy day program to begin this week. We've gotten testing done with a functional medical doctor, who stated my daughter definitely has nutritional deficiencies. We are waiting on the results from this doctor. With regard to niacin therapy for detox, she is up to 300mg niacin, only once a day with NO flush. This indicates she's ready to increase dosage according to the detox protocol. With all the above said, I would like to get her up to the necessary therapeutic dosages of niacin equally distributed throughout the day, which will facilitate healing and managing the depression and anxiety.
WHEW! She's come a long way in only a week! We will continue to push forward. I appreciate any input from the group, and I feel this will be instrumental in literally saving my daughter's life! Thank you!

04/19/17 Charle-Pan Alison Rockwell Dawson: People complain that the LivOn brand is the best but it's so expensive...not me, I was having IV treatments of 25 grams and 50 grams each day for acute and chronic virus. Those IV treatments cost $140 and $190 each time and most of the vit C delivered at such a fast rate, spilled over capacity and into urine. I was peeing every twenty minutes, lost a lot of minerals, and became dehydrated and the effect of high serum levels peaked at three hours and then fell off at five. After five hours my acute symptoms reappeared. I asked my nurse, could I get a pump, like an insulin pump that would provide a constant supply of C? That would be liposomal C was my answer. So now I take 12-30 grams per day liposomal C at a cost of $12-$30 per day. It's spread out over the course of the day and is working. I am starting to feel like a normal person again. I am so thankful. This has been a life changing event for me. Now I am wondering how I will travel with so much vitamin c in my suitcase. And what about the long term effect of so much PC? Phosphatidylcholine...I am trying to eventually taper down to 10 grams per day then maintain at six grams for the long haul. I don't know if that is possible yet. But with the liposomal delivery method my lymphocytes are charged with the vitamin c they need to put this virus to bed. I can travel with it in my purse and not be hooked up to a pvc bag of liquid for three hours. Liposomal C is by comparison, a lot cheaper than the alternative, and more effective at fighting viruses than the ups and downs of Intravenous delivery because a constant supply is needed to bathe the tissues.

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