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CS in response to twitter post: That's pretty funny coming from the one guy who is the reason there are domain name fees. 24 hours ago, someone pointed out you could replace ARIN and ICANN with blockchain technology.
This is vint's reaction based on his own self-interest.
Keep in mind when we wanted to charge for all email at NCI, Bob Metcalf, the guy who invented ethernet, dubbed him Darth Cerf.
"Godwin suggests that in dissecting Barlow's A Declaration we all missed the point. Barlow, he writes, "was writing to inspire activism, not to prescribe a new world order, and his goal was to be lyrical and aspirational, not legislative."

Yeah but Godwin is always wrong.

Barlow pointed out the reality bubble that Adam Curtis so eloquently documented in _Hypernormalization_ would not play on the net and said so very specifically.

"You claim there are problems among us that you need to solve. You use this claim as an excuse to invade our precincts. Many of these problems don't exist. Where there are real conflicts, where there are wrongs, we will identify them and address them by our means"

Both Obama and Clinton dove head first into this when each used the net for the first time. The reaction was to make Obama the most praised and beloved president in US history while Clinton was chewed up and spat out insisting a lot of synthetic problems exist only she can fix. Not.

While not perhaps "legislative" that is, I think, a tad more than "lyrical"
in response to JPB

People use tools that are better, period. "Just to remind you, EmerDNS is different from conventional DNSs in that its domain names: Are owned and managed exclusively by its owner, as the system is fully decentralized. Cannot be hijacked, Cannot be blocked or recalled by authorities, Can be easily retrieved from any Emercoin wallet using standard protocols and the built-in DNS server subsystem, and Much more affordable. So, here are 3 browser extensions you can use for EmerDNS:" Maybe you can have a meeting about how less people use the software you have meetings about.

And this is how is starts. If you think it's in violation of some law, call the FBI computer crimes division like somebody did when Eugene went insane. No? So you lied to protect your monopoly interest? Ok, noted this is the first time, it won't be the last. Block chains have some properties ICANN doesn't John R Levine: they have people's respect and they actually work. we can't in all good faith say the icann experiment worked for anybody except its architects. So we're walking away. Mmmkay? You Don't have to like it. In fact your opinions oh how a network should be run is also what we're running away (screaming) from: people that shouldn't be anywhere near your kids network. Somehow the five star first class flying quarterlyclisterfuck of inactoin and closed mindes got left out of the new equation. Must have been an oversight. Or not. Who did you people think you were kidding sleeping in meetings by day getting drunk and fat at night?

A friend had his family domain expire, not having received a notification from Network Solutions. He had to pay $500 to a shady firm to get his domain back, and looks like that firm was affiliated with...wait for it... Mark Burnett on Twitter “So that shady New Ventures Corp company that grabbed my domain so they could sell it back to me for $500, I was looking at email headers and it turns out that company is really a thin cover for Network Solutions @netsolecares.” TWITTER.COM
R response: There is a grace period. After that it's not your domain any more. It's an unreal, artificial concept purely for revenue generation. One guy decied this and the rest of the net hates it but by god it's what Vint CErf wants so we're on a mission from god to make sure that's a reality, common sense be damned. On behalf of the entire net who used these things before the icann fucks were a gleam in Joe Sim's eyes, we'd like to know when we voted for this extortion. The best thing would be to opt out of the system and find a domain that doesn't expire. They exist and work like domain names were supposed to.

03/06/18 Richard Sexton I just found, packed away, 2 alternic and 1 nsi shirt. Once I found a Network Solutions travel coffee mug in a thrift store in Dundas, with the with the two gears that don't mesh. I left that treasure there for next person to appreciate it. ie, it's probably still there and this was 8 years ago. Bob Allisat I'd like to see a picture of that Alternic T. Richard Sexton I'd like to see free community networking. We all want things Bob. But you might be in luck. When I found it last spring I stuck it in a drawer. Of course it's been taking up space there for a year and I't like I'm going to wear the fucking thing. You know what words would have been good to hear back then Bob? "Hey, what should go on this shirt and what color should it be?" Not "hey how bout comic sans in rainbow colors on a white shirt" that looks like pride day at Kindergarten." Oh well. He who shall not be named is probably still out there making bad decisions. I revel in ignorance of this. I'll dig it up Bob. You'll send me a salmon for this yes? I assume you've taken up fishing by now.

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