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Biochemistry - Snippets Clara VRx
Biochemistry | Snippets

Toronto Public Health -
Hey you know that article about the cream and broccoli soup?
I reposted it thinking it was to encourage good nutrition, but it turns out to be industry driven anti-vitamin propaganda. We want moms taking the vitamins the doctors tell them to(and its bad enough doctors have to tell them) If they get talked out of this by industry propaganda, then we may start seeing a raft of cleft palettes, which are the reasons doctors tell women to take vitamins, and its interesting to note that in extreme cases, those cleft palettes turn into neural tube degeneration, which as you are probably aware is the sole cause of microencephaly.

"as evidenced by high levels of transaminase enzymes, a sign of liver injury"
False. You can expect to see higher levels of this enzyme when you upregulate its precursor which is niacin. For the record children have been treated with this for 40 years at the direction of Abram Hoffer who is an MD and a psychiatrist and director of a psychiatric hospital in Saskatchewan and wrote up his work coauthored by two time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling who founded biochemistry and molecular biology and quantum chemistry.
Somehow, i'm not going to take your opinion over theirs. especially when you don't understand what it is your talking about.

toronto u:
6. Professionals who use their brains strenuously find that diet alone is not enough to prevent symptoms. 7. food and diet varies by region. West coast USA has some foods that they grow in abundance that are less available in parts of the world where they canít be grown. This means food trends in countries and colder northern climates are different. Combining a variety of foods optimal for brain health from each region results in a varied, high nutrition diet.

Spinach (like rhubarb, chard, beets) in any meal without calcium (as in dairy, bones, etc) can raise your oxalate to near fatal levels. Simultaneous calcium makes the oxalate unabsorbable, but the two must travel the gut simultaneously.

Worst: alternate days lots of dairy (enrich blood calcium) then next day lots of spinach (oxalate gets into hyper-calcium blood, produces Ca-Ox crystals, insoluble, = kidney damage). Best case: have the Ca-Ox precipitate crystals form in the gut, never to get into the blood stream. No kidney damage.
M. M.

I've been trying to explain this for ages and this diagram helps. You see the straight up and down ones on the left? Those are phospholipid molecules, one end is a lipid and one end is a phosphate. We now these as "emulsifiers" that can mix oil and water. Egg yolk. Lecithin.
The cellular membrane (plants have cellulose "cell walls") is made from these and the problem is the lipid end. Phosphate is phosphate but many fats will take up with PO4 to become a phospholipid and thus be incorporated into the cellular membrane. What's supposed to be the fat there on that glycerine backbone are the 18 and 22 carbon fatty acids we refer to as "Omega 3" but what often happens is, in their absence animal (bad) and trans (far worse) fats are used instead.
The net result is instras of the carbon rich springy om3 molecules, the curvy ones on the right, the cellular membrane is instead made up of in the worst case trans fats whose hydrogen saturated carbon bonds are not springy, they are like matches in a box of matches and quite rigid.
This is a problem because these things are tiny compared to giant protein molecules that exist half in half out of the cellular membrane. Their job is to grab onto another molecule as it flies by and attach to and and receive an electron from it. The problem is with the matchbook ones this big molecule can't spin, and they don't just sit there, they have to be at the right angle to make that initial bond that attaches the neurotransmitter molecule to the cell so it can pass its electron in. This when we hear "the body can make enough insulin but it can't use it" or "the body can make enough serotonin but can't seem to use it" this is why. Like estrogen these are neurotransmitters and with the wrong fats in the cellular membrane they literally bounce off instead of making that initial bond to pass theory electron into the cell. Our treatment of these diseases involves flooding the body so the geometry doesn't matter as much but these have toxic side effects and are not really the answer. These can be remediate by several months of a steady diet of lecithin and any source of alpha lipoic acid.
This nut was cracked by David Horrobin and to say there as institutional pushback is an understatement. When he died The Lancet, the oldest Medical journal in the modern world had to shut down the comment section within 24 hours because doctors were arguing with each other. He has been vilified by industry since before his death for pointing out things like 20% of admissions to London Doctors Hospital for schizophrenia turn out tobe scurvy. Or that the success rate of drugs to control schits only works .002% of the time. But, his ideas were sound and decades later the snake oil salesman as he was called, and who also pointed out Chinese snake oil contains OM3 and sold to this day actually does something being made from water snakes, it's the american stuff made from rattlesnakes that is inert. It's amazing what real snake oil salesmen don't know about snake oil or why their stuff never worked because they're no smarter now than in 1900 when they invented the patent medicine industry which you know today as "TPP".

opinion I strongly question these two authors' education on biochemistry.

The Mediterranean diet is successful mainly because of the variety and quality of food; you aren't going to get fresh lemons in Finland.

The reason the Mediterreanean diet seems so effective because of the high amount of sunlight they get (vitamin D) and oregano. By contrast, Finland has much less sunlight and so less vitamin D, and doesn't eat tons of oregano.

We know the cardiovascular system is supported by vitamin C, which is easier to get in Mediterranean countries where fresh fruit is abundant compared to colder countries farther North, where the cold demands more vitamin C.

The authors forgot to mention how much fish is in the Meditereanean diet; they get lots and fish oils make everyone healthier. The NIH announced last year that there has been a mistake and we need much more vitamin D than previously recommended.

Canola oil is not beneficial, it's junk. Seed oil is nutritionally devoid, plants don't keep nutrients in the seed, in fact its the least nutrient dense part of the plant.

The authors also mention we should avoid egg yolks but fails to mention why. Should we just take their word for it?

R: Keep telling yourself industry has a good handle on flu. This is in today's New England Journal of Medicine. "Reports from Australia have caused mounting concern, with record-high numbers of laboratory-confirmed influenza notifications and outbreaks and higher-than-average numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.1 The number of notifications reached 215,280 by mid-October, far exceeding the 59,022 cases reported during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, according to the Australian Government Department of Health. Influenza A (H3N2) viruses predominated, and the preliminary estimate of vaccine effectiveness against influenza A (H3N2) was only 10%"

"The cornerstone of influenza prevention and epidemic control is strain-specific vaccination."


So why is the rate of death 4x higher now?

Is this cornerstone made of sponge? Or jello?

Yes in fact it's been shown you're more likely to die from a lifetime of slu shots than if you'd never had them.

The vaccine does the same thing in all people Dean, it trains the immune system to recognize some very specific surface proteins so the immune system doesn't have to learn them from scratch, it already recognizes them the first time it sees them.

And it's not that the immune response in older people isn't there, is it there, we can measure it.

But you'll have to explain to me how shaving off half a day of symptoms because the immune system got up to speed half a day more quickly is supposed to stop death from secondary infection which is what kills with flu 99.9999% of the time.

The flu virus can only actually kill by way of a "cytokine storm" where the immune system attacks the immune system and tried harder ach second resulting in fluid buildup in the lungs and the person drowns. Two things, stop this in it's tracks: nicotinic acid and much to the chagrin of doctors, nicotine.

So right now I can show cigarettes saved more lives from the flu shot because the flu shot doesn't prevent the flu. If it did that would be great and that's what we expect.

We don't get a rabies shot to get rabies lite, we get it to not get rabies.

We don't get a yellow fever shot to not have yellow fever so bad wer get it to avoid getting yellow fever.

So why do we get a flu shot to only shave half a day of a nasty viral infection? The result of which is another disease, bronchitis that can turn into pneumonia and that's not a track you want to be tracking, it goes downhill from there, that's why pneumonia is such a scary words, it's medical talk for "you've had this problem breathing for a while and it's no so bad you're being hospitalized and if it gets worse you'll stop breathing"

You can't affect the rate ot flu deaths by anything other than preventing flu or finding a way to not get the secondary infection but there's no rational reason to believe a shot that reduces the severity and duration of influenza no more than vitamin c does will have any effect on the inevitable secondary infection that will kill half a billion people this year.

Or does the economy and wall st only work if we keep up this charade or something?

There's a 2005 paper on this you need to read Dean, it has hard data, you're running on propaganda fumes here I'm afraid.

You've researched this so thoroughly you missed a 2005 paper that was the subject of a 2009 article in The Atlantic entitled "Does the fly shot really matter" which the CBC covered as part of a decade long story involving Canada winning some prize for measuring flu deaths accurately because the US made up numbers until that point and this showed the shot doesn't work at all in fact there's a bit of blowback in the form of a pile of bodies. You're not in any position to be judging here Dean.

The states are also in the article about that's a headline in today's copy of the New England Journal of medicine, which is what this thread is based on.

Here's another quote:

"Vaccine mismatches have occurred in years in which circulating influenza strains change after the decision is made about vaccine composition, resulting in reduced vaccine effectiveness.

For example, during the 2014Ė2015 influenza season in the United States, more than 80% of the circulating influenza A (H3N2) viruses that were characterized differed from the vaccine virus, and vaccine effectiveness was only 13% against influenza A (H3N2).2 This mismatch most likely contributed to the severity of the 2014Ė2015 influenza season and the substantial related morbidity and mortality among people over 65 years of age.

Even in years when influenza vaccines are well matched to circulating viruses, estimates of vaccine effectiveness range from 40 to 60%, which is lower than that for most licensed non influenza vaccines"

I have no idea what the url or title is it's the one on the front page of the nejm. I typed "nejm" and one click later I'm reading it. I'm not sure how much help you need finding things in the google grandpa but I'm sure there's people more qualified than I to help, you there.

"Folklore of past civilizations report that for every disease afflicting man there is an herb or its equivalent that will effect a cure. In Puerto Rico the story has long been told "that to have the health tree Acerola in one's back yard would keep colds out of the front door." 1 The ascorbic acid content of this cherry-like fruit is thirty times that found in oranges. In Pennsylvania, U.S.A., it was, and for many still is, Boneset, scientifically called Eupatorium perfoliatum 2. Although it is now rarely prescribed by physicians, Boneset was the most commonly used medicinal plant of eastern United States. Most farmsteads had a bundle of dried Boneset in the attic or woodshed from which a most bitter tea would he meted out to the unfortunate victim of a cold or fever. Having lived in that section of the country we qualified many times for this particular drink. The Flu of 1918 stands out very forcefully in that the Klenners survived when scores about us were dying. Although bitter it was curative and most of the time the cure was overnight. Several years ago my curiosity led me to assay this "herbal medicine"� and to my surprise and delight I found that we had been taking from ten to thirty grams of natural vitamin C at one time. Even then it was given by body weight. Children one cupful; adults two to three cupfuls. Cups those days held eight ounces. Twentieth century man seemingly forgets that his ancestors made crude drugs from various plants and roots, and that these decoctions, infusions, juices, powders, pills and ointments served his purpose. Elegant pharmacy has only made the forms and shapes more acceptable."

Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of A Vitamin In Human Pathology

Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., F.C.C.P 1959

That's the thing there's no point in looking at poeple who get the flu look a the ones that don't get it, they literally have the answer.

A sulphur deficiency can do it a vitamin D deficiency can do it, a selenium deficiency can do it, if the immune system is properly fed and we take care of ourselves we have a decent amount of immunity to it. Any deficiency of any

But it's like a kid and their first car - "Wait, I have to put in brake fluid and coolant and transmission fluid and differential oil and engine oil and coolant?"

Well yeah, try running out of one or more. How well do things work then? They all need to be there and in the correct amounts, to little or too much and things don't work properly.

When the do work properly you're not one of the ones that gets the flu, shot or no shot.

M: This paragraph from that: ďThus, when the immune cells have insufficient sulfate, the flu viruses flourish, invade the muscles, and redistribute sulfate from the muscles to the immune cells. Other viruses infect different tissues and steal sulfate from them. This reinvigorates the immune system at the expense of the other cells under attack. Once the immune cells acquire sufficient sulfate to clear the virus, the person recovers from the disease. People with a plentiful supply of sulfate to begin with never get the flu, because the virus particles are easily kept in check by the healthy macrophages." - Stephanie Seneff; Wise Traditions, Summer 2015.
R: Happens all the time.

The idea viruses do different things because of tiny amounts of substances in the body is actually well understood by some.

Let's just see who the last man standing is that thinks an Ebola vaccine is actually physically possible.
M: And the vaccine causes what? Unhealthy macrophages.
R:To say nothing of the fact the Russians tamed the phage in the 50s and phage therapy is routine there. You go in in the morning, the take a swab, they make a virus that eats the infection you have (80% Pseudomonas, the one the grows only behind your ear is the one that causes most of the annoying ear infections, hence "and don't forget to wash behind your ears" and "still wet behind the ears", the most common application of this is ear infections) by five o'clock. One drop in each ear, you go home, the virus ("phage") eats all the bacteria, runs out and dies. Again, since the 1950s this has been routine in parts of Russia, the part poeple go to to get this done. Curiously Pseudomonas is one of the very few bacteria not killed outright in tiny amounts by carvacrol.

One might ponder why the Inuit never get influenza. The reason is why most animals don't get Ebola, only the ones that don't make their own C do.

Similarly so the only people that die of flu are the ones with no Cin theur blood. At that point it doesn't matter why they got it or how. Point is if they had enough to save them when they're near death before they got sick they'd have never got that sick in the first place.

We lost the gene to make C 20mya and since then have suffered from a raft of diseases only only a handful of other animals suffer from and by no coincidence they lost the gene too.

Influenza is a respiratory virus. Enterovirus is a stomach virus, what we call stomach flu. Birds don't get influenza the we do, it affects theit gut but not their chest. Do you know why? Because they're immune to the chest infection, they adapted around it, that means the ones made sick by that all died out.

Natural selection works here, where there are two opposing viewpoints in the media about how to live longer, look at which ones actually live longer.
M: Three points: A. Birds lungs have little anatomical similarity to most vertebrates. They are tubular, rather then having alveolar sacks. Respiratory diseases are commonly not shared between Aves and Mammalia. Bird could not maintain the respiratory energy ATP production sufficient for sustained flight without having counter-current (blood one way, air the other) efficient tubular lungs. Our pocket style would never make it! Bats fly, but not for days and nights at a time. B. Influenza virus actually mostly attacks muscle tissues (characteristically diagnosed by muscle pain) and harvests sulfur to synthesize more protein as virus coats, which, then on release is eaten by macrophages, rebuilds their sulfur supply, and the disease heals itself. The main point is the PURPOSE of flu is to alleviate the sulfur deficiency. C Heart attacks may be adaptive, like fever -- attempts for the body to sulfate the cholesterol, handily stored in coronary arteries for sulfation by taurine sotred in the heart. Evidence? Human victims of many heart attacks have a much lower rate of heart failure than those with no heart attacks.
R: Point is birds evolved past this.


1) The other vaccines didn't have the same effect that the polio one did. People are trying to get rid of the lab strain of polio now, there's thousands of recent research papers on this.

2) See "Cancer risk associated with simian virus 40 contaminated polio vaccine." by NIH. This affects everyone who had the shot within a ten year range.

3) Back then needle hygiene wasn't practiced by the people who administered vaccines. In Africa they would vaccinate 10,000 people at a time for a disease they might get while using one needle; this passed disease such as HIV to thousands.

4) This was the early days of western vaccines, they hadn't figured it out and accidentally gave some people polio.

After all these negative effects you'd wonder if there was another way to do this.

Oh please. Have a look into it a little bit Barry. Clearly you have not.

You don't even have kids.

You can only catch any disease if you're sick already. Malnutrition is often the cause of that.

When your immune system works properly don't get cancer or flu. Notice only a very small percent do?

We spent so much time studying sick people and almost none on the one that never get sick. Ebola changed that.

What vaccine do you think we need Barry? Would you care to look at Polio, HIV, flu or something other than an Ebola vaccine which can not physically ever work but that does not stop them from spending billions on fun stuff like making aerosolized zebov on the sly for fun.

Do you know how to tell vaccine research from germ warfare research Barry?

Neither do I, it's a serious question.

1) The 1976 flu shot kills 32 poeple. Only 1 died of the flu. And it was an accidental leak by an army lab doing "vaccine" research on the 1918 flu that had been recovered. Now it's out and a permanent part of our virus ecosystem

2) Polio vaccine from 1953 to 1962 all had an SV40 oncogene as a contaminant. Have a look how many papers are published these days on this one thing, for: reasons.

3) Years when the flu shot didn't work at all: 1947.... 2017, 2018. You can look up the figures in between all you want. We have no shot that prevents you getting the flu and we've never had one.

Frankly you could cancel all vaccines and tell poeple to take a couple of vitamins and watch flu all but go away. Only sick people get it and the thing that prevents it, also cures it, duh. Double duh.

There's an army quote that says "we opened our new vaccine research here because all you have to do is wait and they show up. Funny thing is that's true no matter where you put these labs they break out, because: accidents. And the ones we know about are bad enough it's the ones we don't know about ("What happened to the samples" "Rats ate them" - Zaire hospital) that just may explain the unexplainable jumps. Look at Marburg. Was that a vaccine accident or a germ warfare incident. You have to admit when a shipment of sick monkeys from Africa and I mean known to be sick in the first place, gets diverted by Israel to the UK then to Germany (whose borders represent the sole Se deposit in Europe btw) and hello filovirus, you literally can not tell who did what or why. Maybe it's man made, maybe it's natural. I'd like to think so but there is actually no way of telling. That's bothersome. It's also bothersome to see reports of very ancient discoveries of these viruses which we now know contain gene from modern humans instead. Why would they lie about this?

Plus they are so not telling us everything. The immunity to Ebola wasn't discovered in 2010 there are quite a few papers on it and it turns out we've known since 1976, the first Ebola outbreak that there are people that catch catch the virus and there are some that do and don't get sick and he rest all fucking die.

The explanation for this is "we didn't think it was statistically significant". Sorry, the one person who doesn't get it is the one you want to study, you don't care how they die you care why they're immune!

Lipinski 2015 showed the gp120 spikes can only penetrate the ER only when serum Se is < RDA. So by our own rules only people with malnutrition in the first place can get (very nearly) ANY virus in the first place.

The idea we can't do anything for people with a virus is not true, this ha been tested in court in NZ. Address the merits of that case and we'll talk until then most poeple don't even know the argument and one from ignorance will not save lives. It's sort of the problem.

How is patching up a malnutrition program without addressing the root cause going to help anything?

America was a great idea. You put in place a wonderful system, arguably the best ever devised. But now its sloppy, imprecise and immune to evolution or wisdom as if ossified.

So, you want to convince me vaccines have any place today? Ok, here's how you can even begin to do that:

1) take the total amount of money used to cure a disease u, call it v 2) take the total amount of money used to causes diseases x call it y

for the set of all u1...un and for the set of all x1..xn is v > y ?

If not, why?

Keep in mind these words of wisdom above are from an industry that kills more people that anything in the US except heart and cancer, which if they weren't so damn incompetent would it be at the rates they are. Thus, they are the #1, #2 and #3 causes of death in Americans today and it's not the surgeons, they get better each year.

I'm sure some people may disagree about a point or two here, this stuff is all fresh in my mind and I can cite you a dozen references to back up each point in a heartbeat so check your sources before you disagree, this is serious and I'm no mood. Let somebody else go first.

I'm sure we all know somebody that died of flu. Were you aware that drain was extinct until we made a point of digging up the 1918 virus?

That's right, you probably know somebody that died because of the works deadliest flu the army asked to dig up, we said no, they did it anyway then it got out and is now a component of most flus worldwide. Think the last ebola outbreak was bad because was on all continents? Hah. There are four flus that have 20 the death rate of SARS and grow each year and absolutely will be here soon. Plus we know ducks host and amplify lethality so the best is yet to come. Stuff that makes you wish for the halcyon days of aerosolized ebola.

None of which can affect you if the levels of a couple of things are ok in your blood. But like a cat without taurine or popeye without spinach, lac these and natures little clean up molecules will kill you basically. That's their job, take out the sick and weak.

Did you know all three great extinctions were preceded by an complete loss of Se from the oceans? Make ya think dunnit.

So, Barry. WTF are you talking about? Maybe you'd better ask questions rather than dictate policy, eh?

Adrian Straathof Corn is starchy and empty. Grass is salad with tons of phytonutrients.

Corn grains in the fall are what animals fatten up with. More animals eat leaves of grass worldwide daily than any other food.

When animals eat starchy foods they get fat but it's the wrong kind of fat and if makes people sick. You know how people have white hat (bad) and brown fat (good)? Fats are like that, and corn makes the wrong fat in cows just as soy makes the wrong fat in salmon (which btw are gray in farms and dyed salmon color. Enjoy your dyed fish you eat for health benefits)

David Horrobin write a book about Niacin and Evening Primrose oil. You might find it worthwhile to seek out. Put the stuff staight on the skin. See if it works. The active principle is gamma linoleic acid (GLA) one of the essential fatty acids of the omega 9 type. It's also found in borage and black currents.

Prior to 1900 few doctors had ever seen cancer. We only noticed it because of the origin of industrial cancers, all London Chimney sweeps got testicular cancer. Cancer began to rise and really took off after WWII when to feed the emergent boomers a decision was made to use synthetic fertilizers and a variety of pesticides. The rise of human cancer correlates to the rise of fungicides; correlation is not causation but we have causation now. See Potter & Burk's work with the CYP1B1 enzyme and Gene P53. The offering up once again of co2 as a scapegoat to cover up human harm from industrialization is shameful. And pretty fucking stupid.

There are hundreds of species of citrus and 4 actual founding species (citron, pomalo, mandarin, kumquat) and all the rest are natural hybrids. We didn't breed these, it really was evolution.

The irony is that people think the reef is dying of co2 when it's actually dying of pollution that is never even mentioned, yet this pollution kills millions of us a year while in all of history "climate change" has killed exactly zero people. We know from all the coral necropsies that they died of an infection, not stress. Specifically the immune system was suppressed and they died if simple infection. We know this was caused by a fungicide and we know it's the same one killing the bees, all amphibians and now there's new evidence it's responsible for a class of human cancers. If my net worth depended on people continuing to make this vital for all food production I'd lie about it too.
Given there's been no warming this century and that co2 is a coral grown accelerant and that all necropsies say the same thing it's more than amusing to see all the popular press get this wrong even they haak up a furball of a link like this which shows it's 100% industrial waster discharged into the waye from farm runoff that's doing it and they're spending 63 billion on this to remediate the GBR and you'll note the world "climate" or "temperature" are not in these pair of pdf's at all. Go ahead and search for it.
Compare this with Cuba.
What's amusing to me is the rise of co2 in the use to grow coral and plants that are impossible without it, this happened at the same time the net took off and some guy suggested a byproduct of fermentation might be cheaper than the $5000 German setup that started all this and that led to a discussion that ended up looking at the scince of aquaria which you may remember.
The idea more co2 is bad is insane. We're a carbon based planet and co2 has been 7000ppm in the past, it was 40ppm higher 200 years ago and all - all - plant families terrestrial and aquatic have members that use CAM metabolism which does not start until co2 hits 3000ppm. It's 400 now.
Since co2 is essential to plant growth you can do the math to determine how large the population can be with the present trace amount of co2 but above that we'd need more co2 to be able to grow enough food to feed a population larger than that. There was a paper on this, gone now. We already enjoy a 15% increase in food production compared to 30 years ago because of the small rise in it, and this rise has never been shown to affect the weather. That idea stems from two centuries ago and it about as relevant as "foul humors".

Besides, anyone that can read a strip chart other than phil karn knows there's been no warming this century.

Look at scientific papers the measure plant growth. They all said the same thing: we tried everything but cool white and warm white seem to work best and are cheapest.
Pick any bulb you want, I'll use a warm white and grow plants faster. If not I'll add another tube for 99 cents. What does your $35 tube buy you exactly.
Intensity matters, spectrum does not.
Cheap home security with high pressure sodium or mercury vapor are still pretty hard to beat.
LED modules used for street lights are worth looking at, when you have half a dozen of those babies you'll glasses work around them.

04/02/18 re:seed breeding

Carrots come in all colors.
Application of mendelian genetics through selective breeding us one thing. Splicing glyphosate into grain seeds and putting eel genes into salmon or putting ebola genes into tobacco plants are not anywhere close to the same thing.
As for vaccines, that's pure pseudoscience, they ignore all their negative data. For what ? 2000 year old homeopathy that flies in the face of contemporary molecular biology? Pfft.
Hows that working out for you?
Let's look at one: flu - we revived the spanish flu big, it got out from a US germ warfare lab (NEJM 2009), and after immunizing 85% of the population over 15 year the rate of death from flu is up,not down.
We can't get the vaccine to work. There are half a dozen highly pathogenic virus on the way (mers, sars, avian fly, filovirus) that kill at 20X the way flu does with 50% pathogenicity.
Only a fool would say this is going well or the future looks great.
We've known some people can't be sicked by the ebola virus since 1976. There are a dozen papers that discuss it but nobody pursued it.
Have a look at Lipinski 2015 then you tell me what you think the worldwide market for flu shots is now.

04/04/18 Told the NIH how to cure Ebola on Oct 27 2014. Note the curves after that. Lipinski 2015 shows how it works, the immunity of the B'aka people have was how we found it.
Lipinski shows it interferes with the disulphide bond all enveloped viruses use to penetrate the cell this it will prevent disease from any enveloped virus: ebola, marburg, flu, herpes, smallpox, you name it.
Two brazil nuts a day.

In response to: Ansel Adams quote:
Pity she got DDT wrong though, 2 million people died because of it. DDT is legal again it was the wrong one.

We're doing it again pretending to ban neonics whose patent is close to expiry when the real causative agent behind the decline of the frogs, bats, bees and coral is the antifungals. Ban those and watch what happens to the rate of cancer in humans btw. We will do it at some point because it's use can only inevitably lead to a mass extinction worldwide. And we're not THAT stupid.

NIH: Scott's Scurvy
RS: Jacques Cartier and Scott had the same problem: they were stuck there in winter. When Cartier and his crew were dying of scurvy the locals rolled their eyes, made tea from a local tree and said "drink this you idiots" and they all got better. What happened when they returned to France was cute.

Scott was doomed because there's nobody at the Antarctic. Seal meat is packed with vit C and that alone would have saved them - Scott's diary shows they got better for a bit when they had one seal.

The problem being seals are seasonal visitors to the Antarctic. There's nothing and noone in winter, it's the one spot on earth incompatible with all life. So, unless you take with you what's required for life, you're doomed. We do not as of the 21str century still have a handle on what exactly we have to eat (but we know a lot more than we did 100 years ago!).

Ironically they knew they were going to get scurvy and knew how to fix it but had not tested the lime juice they sent. The French habit of salad with a meal had wiped out scurvy in Britain and the remedy had not been tested in ages and ages. This alone is what proved fatal to Scotts mission, poor quality control in the vitamins they took with them. That at the battery acid that many felt also helped. Science and medicine were in its infancy although it's curious to note that by this time one Oxford scientist had already shown the benefit of Omega 3 fats, which took 100 years to be recognized and implemented.

If people hadn't been dying such miserable deaths from an awful disease it would be comical. It's like the keystone cops doing biochemical medicine: here, try some battery acid if our untested attempt at vitamin pills fails".

It's amazing that our species got this far but is so utterly useless at disease, no better than in biblical times by the numbers. The reality is we knew more but that all got burned when all pre christian knowledge was destroyed. God will take care of you, you don't need this. Hey thanks for dooming is all there guys. And I do mean guys.

CS: Iron is easy to get in most diets. There isn't nearly enough B6 in most diets, causing deficiency. The body needs nutrients to absorb iron. Without B6, magnesium, zinc the iron won't get absorbed where it needs to be.
1 cup of Broccoli has 0.1 mg of B6. According to the RDA for healthy people, that's 6% of your daily intake.
To get 100% of your RDA of B6, you would have to eat 16 cups of broccoli. In one day.
If you're a person with a health condition, you recommended intake goes up.
So unless your effectively eating 16 cups of broccoli a day, and in perfect health, you aren't meeting the RDA.

July 18 '18
If you think Glutenaldehyde is a nasty man made carcinogen it shows you now nothing about cancer or plants. If you look at the works if Potter, Burke, Schaefer et al in Google Scholar, you'll see where we are with that. Surprising, isn't it?
As for glut, cut a plant open: there it is.
You see plants absorb CO2, then move it to another chemical, that makes another one and so on. One of these intermediate products in Glutenaldeyde.
It's about as carcinogenic as water. You have no pile of bodies with this one, and until you get the first, you don't get to say that. This stuff is used to treat water nearly everywhere in America, and cancer rates went DOWN not up as its use became more widespread. You could better argue it cures cancer than causes it.
I'm not sure how low tech pouring a liquid into a tank is. But anyone who says it does nothing:
o Has never tried it.
You think that part didn't matter? Uh, no.
J: Lol I always thought that this diet was stupid
C: Bacon and eggs are awesome though.
Not all doctors are created equal:
The main concept of the ketogenic diet is that you eat no more than 30% carbs at each meal. You'd have a hard time finding a doc that says you should eat more than that.
Besides, Inuit have been eating nearly an all-meat diet for thousands of years. They were cited by Horrobin as the population with lowest chronic disease and cancer in the world.
Now that our gov't is telling them what to eat they are sicker than ever and have the worst rates of malnutrition and disease.

11/17/18 Well, it works like this. C lives in the intracellular and extracellular fluid. E, a fat, lives in the cellular membrane.
When C loses an electron (it dontes one to another molecule that has been oxidized, this it's back to it's unoxidized state) it becomes L-Ascorbate dehydrogenase, but it can take an electron from E (L-Tocopherol) and be "reduced" back to it's unoxidised state L-Ascorbate. W picks up an electron from C similarly.
In addition, C gan get an electron from Glutathione, which requires Magnesium, Selenium and N-Acetyl Cysteine to make.
So, Ascorbate is a good start but if you want the antioxidant system to work properly you have to give it all the raw materials it needs: C, E, Mg, Se, NAC.
Look up the vitamins Hoffer look. It's well documented. He takes all that stuff for a reason. Do that, and tell him to rest. You can't be walking around with Pneumonia it's too damn risky.
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Richard Sexton Why do we have a snake in the first place?
In AD 75 Marcus Lucanus wrote about an observation that Namibian tribesmen acquired an immunity to snake bite by repeatedly ingesting minute amounts of venom and could in fact identify the species from th taste of the venom.
In 2015 Boguslaw Lipinski at Harvard noted the Baka poeple of Congo/Gabon/Cameroon noted they have a long documented immunity to Ebola and all other viral diseae because of the selenium in the nuts they eat every day. Selenium in the correct amount in the blood inhibits an initial disulphide bond the virus needs to make to enter the host cell. If it'll work on ebola for them it'll work on flu (or Ebola!) for you. Two Brazil or Gabon nuts a day or selenite pills. Finland did this to all theur soil to reduce disease. it does work.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand Selenium deficency is a well known disease. Finland is a selenium poor area. That doesn't mean selenium is some kind of magic dust; if you don't have selenium deficency, selenium will do nothing to your health.

Selenium in food and nutrition in Finland. An overview onÖ
Harald Tveit Alvestrand The recommended daily intake (according to is 55 micrograms per day; the maximum safe intake is
400 micrograms per day. No idea how much selenium a Brazil nut contains.

WebMD - Better information. Better health.
Richard Sexton Ok but there's a lot more to it than that. It's 55 now, it was 85 last year.
Can you tell me the minimal required to inhibit infection from a filovirus? It's not documented anywhere. I know it was tested, I got a phone call by accident once.
Selenium distribution is spotty. Very very spotty. This is why for example American pioneers would look for places where "the soil is good". People don't get sick then.
We have 3 years experience with this, the chinese and indians have thousands of years, they've known about this for a very very long time.
The key points are, some viruses (notably ebola) sequester selenium via UGG codons (Taylor 1995) while at an appropriate level it inhibits the chemical reaction that has to occur between the glycoprotein spike and the host cell cellular membrane (Lipinski 2015).
Given this stuff stopped the 2014 outbreak there's not a lot of room for debate here Harald ;-)
Note in Lipinski it says flat out "all enveloped viruses".
Take two brazil nuts each day and see if you get the flu. It seems to have stopped happening here in our family for a few years now.
US Selenium distribution: gross:

US Selenium distribution:
Notice the disparity. Even in areas where it's "high" or "low" nearby it could be the opposite.
Taylor 1995:

Lipinski 2015
Harald Tveit Alvestrand How much selenium does a brazil nut contain?

Richard Sexton
17 October ∑
Selenium. Is there anything it can't do?
"Inspired by Martinís work, Saito synthesized a hexakis(phenylselenyl)benzene dication, which has selenium atoms attached to each of the six carbon atoms in the central benzene ring. Martinís group had investigated that moleculeís σ aromaticity as early as 1990 but did not report the research in the scientific literature and did not examine the compoundís π aromaticity. Saito explains that seleniumís large size allows overlapping σ orbitals from the six atoms to create aromaticity. The phenylselenyl groups donate electron density to the benzene to make oxidation easier, and the phenyls' bulk improves the solubility of the dications by keeping them away from each other in solution."

Double aromaticity found in stable molecule
Compound boasts concentric σ and π aromaticity

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Chemists find a recipe that may have jump-started life on Earth
New sequence of reactions could have created all four RNA bases at once
Richard Sexton They're talking about how rna/dna formed. Which is fine but only half of it.

DNA doesn't eat! While DNA was forming the part that eats was forming out there somewhere as well and at some point it ate the DNA which survived as the nucleus.

The long standing question in evolutionary biology is which came first, the part that eats one the part that reproduces.
Maybe they evolved as the same time. It's a big world and these are tiny molecules. The Space Seed hypothesis of the Hoyles cannot be ruled out either since we've found on mars some molecules that also occur in salmon and breast milk.
Freeman Dyson - My theory on the origin of life (142/157)
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14,000-Year-Old Piece Of Bread Rewrites The History Of Baking And Farming Breadcrumbs found at an excavation in Jordan reveal that humans were baking thousands of years earlier than previously believed. It may have even prompted them to settle down and plant cereals. 2 Comments

Lawrence Smith Paleo diet bread!
Richard Sexton No it does not at all.

One old piece of seed cake does not change anything.

We can be so sure because the human archeological remains where grain was utilised have heart disease, obesity and diabetes, which was virtually unknown before that.

As the use of wheat spread from the middle east to europe from 10 to 5 thousand years ago, the human remains also changed at the same time, this was the beginning of the age of diseases of modern man.

There are a dozen reasons why this happens, the two most significant are first, the lack of a gene in 33% of Europeans to be able bet to digest gluten. If absent it's an allegan with profound deleitarse somatic and mental effects. Secondarily the phytates inhibit absorption of calcium and magnesium this earns bread the proper classification as an anti-nutrient.

From a biochemical perspective you'd need to be eating oily fish and parsley nonstop to counteract that. Hence the Mediterranean diet, add sunshine ands hard work and that's why Mediterranean fisherman were so healthy.

You are not a mediterranean fisherman fom1300. Given 7 million die from air pollution alone (per year) now, more than just food, the clean air and water back then also made a difference.

Jan 17 2019
Response to: Foodbabe
With all due respect, do you remember when you were in biology class and they said mitochondria is the "powerhouse of the cell"?

Please allow me to refresh your memory. in all animals all energy is made in the mitochondria in a complex chemical reaction called the citric acid cycle. We also see this referred to as "krebs" cycle. This reaction uses a dozen chemicals, nearly all which are made in the body and they're not in short supply. However three must be eaten and cannot be made: 1) citric acid (that's why its called the citric acid cycle) 2) ascorbic acid 3) nicotinic acid. Citric acid and ascorbic acid and probably the two safest chemicals you can put in food. They are in your body already, and you always need more. Your'e right that processed food is harmful, but ingredients that can be found in every living cell in the every animal on planet earth, that are required for life, are not nearly the problem that synthetic compounds made by man are which the body has never seen before and does not know what to do. Those are the actual problem and advising people to avoid things that everyone could use more of, does not do you any justice. Please look into this more carefully .

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