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French Pate
French Pâté

hello from France Foodies !

Here it is recipe for pork pâté : it's an old recipe given by my son in law's grandpa :)
Here it is a google translation :
This is the recipe of Papy Jojo, the grandfather of my son-in-law: a pork pie as we know how to do in the countryside ... Between
January and February we kill the pig and it's the beginning of the pork: the pâté is one of the essential products that can be prepared in preserves.
I thank them both for sharing this ...
Ingredients: for 78 jars of 200 g
5.6 kg of breast
4, kg of throat
1.1 kg of bacon
3 kg of pork liver
Salt: 1 tbsp. tablespoons per kg: 180 g
Pepper: 1 tbsp. per kg: 60 g
1 egg per kg: 12 eggs
1 C. nutmeg
7 carrots
3 cloves of garlic
Peel the carrots, peel the garlic
Grind all meat, carrots and garlic with a fine grinder, after detailed meat in large pieces
Weigh the weight of the minced meat, add the amount of salt and pepper, and the eggs
Mix well
Fill the jars to the max filling point
Hermetically seal your jars
Put in sterilization 3 h / c boiling
Let cool in the sterilizer
Label and store in a cool, dry place

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