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Nuit Blanche Toronto Artist's Walk 2017 Nuit Blanche map September 30 - October 1
Nuit Blanche


Artist's Walk

Sundown to Sunrise | September 30 - October 1 | 7pm - 7 am | All Events Free

Nuit Blanche Toronto: travel through the black night to experience a series of atmospheric events and immersive sensory environments; compelling your perception of reality as the night goes on.

The Artist's Walk: follow the footsteps of an artist through Nuit Blanche multimedia and interactive art experiences.

Other notable locations with many exhibits:
Queen's Park - celebrating its history as a revolutionary protest site;
Nathan Philips Square (City Hall) - diverse narrations of cultural histories
House of VR - Virtual Reality Art Party with live digital sculpting

Nuit Blanche Map

Artist's Walk Map

Artist's Walk: From Graffiti Alley on Spadina/Queen to the AGO on Dundas/McCaul, this tour with a total travelling time of 23 minutes on foot hits 3 major cultural institutions (401 Richmond, OCAD, AGO) housing many artists in combination with outdoor experiences emphasized by the night sky. The number of locations selected are minimal yet the most intense of the night, allowing the most time for experiencing and less for travelling.
Get the Google Map: Artist's Walk

While in the area, take transit (14 mins) or walk (19 mins) to Queens Park and Wellesley to experience Automobile and dozens of other exhibits at the park.

If you have energy afterward, head over to Gladstone Hotel for some unique experiences and photo opportunities - and a dance.

Or take a relaxing stroll through the 5 acres of the Spadina Museum where several artists are participating.

After 9 pm, check out live VR painting performances, interactive art installations by multiple artists at House of VR.

 Observe graffiti showcased in the Graffiti Alley.
Toronto lighting designers, architects, and design students will create and implement a temporary site-specific installation that uses the latest lighting technology to illuminate and animate features, public art, and buildings in Toronto's Graffiti Alley. South of Spadina and Queen, west side

Enjoy an alleyway starscape; south of Richmond and Spadina on west side at 5 Camden Street

 Featuring 3 interactive, responsive sound & light installations
Featuring 3 interactive, responsive sound & light installations out of 5 total exhibits.

  • Visualists, sound artists and technologists working in contemporary art and science create a unique multi-point sound-sculpture using the sounds of sun-spots, cosmic radiation and radio anomalies;

  • A visually spectacular experience through a composite of acrylic, reflective panels (mirrors), and light, floating like a crystal chandelier, capturing the viewer’s image and reflecting it onto an ephemeral 3 dimensional map of Toronto’s landscape.

  • Sound, light, and people are fused to create a dynamic architectural piece that kinetically responds to the energy of its users; as the volume of ambient noise increases or decreases, the orbs will either speed up or slow down in response.

  • 5_OCADU

  • 199 Richmond St. W. - Onsite Gallery
  • 205 Richmond St. W. - Graduate Gallery
  • 240 Richmond St. W.
  • 49 McCaul St.
  • 100 McCaul St. - Butterfield Park

    Bannock, Mille-Feuille and Berries: Experience new media experimentation and interactive art; 2 curators and 7 artists and many topics: history, the future, and change; ecology and material culture; food

    Jean-Sébastien (JS) Gauthier is a Fransaskois sculptor and new media artist who adopts diverse forms of inquiry and experimentation to create time-based artworks. His work involves an interdisciplinary mix of technical and conceptual approaches from contemporary and traditional sculpture, video production, performance art, 3D rendering and scientific imagine technologies. This year, as artist-in-residence at the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology of the University of Saskatchewan and facilities of the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron in Saskatoon, he became the first Canadian artist to be granted synchrotron beam time with artistic inquiry and aesthetic experimentation as a primary objective. Dans la Mesure/Within Measure is the ongoing project whose resulting videos, installations and 3D models use cutting-edge 3D synchrotron radiation imaging techniques to create interactive representations of embryonic zebrafish. The first of its kind, his ongoing art-science collaboration with developmental biologist Dr. Brian Eames sets new precedents for the media arts in Canada.

    A synchrotron light source is a source of electromagnetic radiation (EM) usually produced by a storage ring, for scientific and technical purposes. First observed in synchrotrons, synchrotron light is now produced by storage rings and other specialized particle accelerators, typically accelerating electrons.

    Carrie Gates’ video mixing works use sound-reactive 3D processing and unusual rhythmic juxtapositions to create throbbing, psychedelic, responsive compositions that add a new dimension of interaction and intrigue to any environment. Abstract digital imagery is mixed live with hand-shot, performance-art-influenced footage, to create a hypnotizing, bent reality that is infused with concepts of visual music, set in a glitched-out 3.0 fantasy realm.

  • Open for free for Nuit Blanche Toronto.
    Art Gallery of Ontario Look:Forward

    Explore (First Floor) galleries of the AGO’s Modern Art, Photography and Europoean Art collections, all open for free for Nuit Blanche Toronto.

    A concert of cars
    Cars with loud music; at Wellesley Street West & Queen's Park Crescent West;

    Queens park is full of protest and revolution based exhibits of performance art

    Ballroom is transformed into a k&P Mart grocery store for the dance.
    Fly by Night, 7 projects; Ballroom is transformed into a K&P Mart grocery store for the dance.

    house of vr
    At Queen and Bathurst: map

    Check out live VR painting performances, interactive art installations by 3 artists and a collective, and DJs spinning until late. All of this will be accompanied by Cheese for the People, a sacred Nuit Blanche tradition of truth-or-dare grilled cheese.

    Main Floor: 9pm-midnight: Free Live VR painting usingTilt Brush/Masterpiece VR by 5 artists

    Top Floor: 9pm-LATE: $5-10 sliding scale PWYC for Funky Beats by 3 DJs

    outdoor nighttime stroll
    Take an outdoor nighttime stroll through 5 acres of interactive installations in this group exhibition;

    285 Spadina Road - Located next to Casa Loma

    Transit: Exit at St. Clair West Station and head south on Spadina Road or take a shorter but uphill walk by exiting at Dupont Station and heading North on Spadina Road

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