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Toronto | Tours VRx
Toronto | Tours VRx



eating in Toronto

Right now it's winter and flu season, and everyone including travellers are feeling the sting of both.
Everyone loves to eat at restaurants in Toronto or get take-out; though we can't do it all the time and especially not when we're sick.

How can someone living the fast-paced life in Toronto survive on take-out food in flu season?


mid-century modern furniture stores


What's in season

A true foodie must check out the food items offered in these locations:
Nations - Fresh exotic fruits galore!


The simplest tour to make in Toronto: browse Little Italy on St Clair Avenue. Pop in and out of shops easily along the length of St Clair by using the streetcar. This area is rich with Italian, Portuguese and Polish culture.
Stores on St Clair:

Stopping at Centro's is a must. They have a wide selection of meats and cheeses, and will slice a spicy salami so thin it melts like butter in your mouth. Your 100 g of pure meaty joy slices are wrapped in a convenient paper for eating salami on the go during your shopping journey - Our favorite pick-me-up on a busy shopping day.
PS Centro usually has the best deal and selection of Italian coffee if you would like to take some home with you.

St Clair and Christie St


social, food and culture landmarks




shopping tours outside of Toronto (100km)
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