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2017 map September 30 - October 1

All night from 7pm - 7 am unless specified

Google Map: Main Tour:

Detailed Tour:

Just south of Spadina & Queen, north of Richmond; Outdoors

Graffiti Alley art display;

5 Camden St (Kensington): Outdoors;

alleyway starscape; south of Richmond, west Spadina

401 Richmond; Indoors; mainly sound &light installations:

A unique multi-point sound-sculpture using the sounds of sun-spots, cosmic radiation and radio anomalies.;

printamking; chandelier;

Ambient noise levels within an enclosed space activate suspended orbs of light to move in a sine wave;

Adelade - Widmer; Indoors

music, architecture, scenic design and performance art;

OCADU 199 & 205 Richmond building; Indoors

Bannock, Mille-Feuille and Berries OCAD U; new media experimentation and interactive;

49 McCaul; OCADU Stephanie & Mccaul Gallery; Indoors

OCADU Butterfield park 100 Mccaul; Outdoors

Look:Forward; Art Gallery of Ontario; Indoors

Explore (First Floor)galleries of the AGO’s Modern Art, Photography and Europoean Art collections, all open for free for Nuit Blanche Toronto.

Queens park: Outdoors

Cars with loud music; at Wellesley Street West & Queen's Park Crescent West;
Queens park is full of protest based exhibits of performance art

Gladstone Hotel: Indoors

Fly by night; 7 projects; k&P Mart grocery store dance 7pm-7am

Spadina Museum; Outdoors

285 Spadina Road (Located next to Casa Loma. Transit: Exit at St. Clair West Station and head south on Spadina Road or take a shorter but uphill walk by exiting at Dupont Station and heading North on Spadina Road.)

interactive installations in a group exhibition;

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