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Early Giant
Early Giant

(F1) Early, powdery mildew resistant large jack. Elongated and blocky, medium-dark orange fruits are uniform in shape. Excellent size potential, fruits range 25-40 lb. avg. 30 lb. Stocky handles, light ribs, and long vine habit. Easy to grow for such a large-fruited type, Early Giant is also well adapted and a reliable producer. Tall fruits with rich color attract attention at roadside stands and farmers' markets. Performs well on moderate spacing (about 30 sq.ft per plant). Avg. yield: 1-2 fruits/plant. Avg. 3,100 seeds/lb. 95 Days

Producing mostly tall types weighing 25 to 30 pounds each, the large pumpkins are dark orange with smooth skin and strong, dark green carrying handles. The full vines are very productive with tolerance to powder mildew.

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