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Case 06
Case 06

Mark Jeftovic
5 May at 13:02
You are not allowed to say the string "minds[dot]com" on Facebook.
Richard Sexton
Richard Sexton minds dot com
Jim Mercer why not?
Richard Sexton which one is not supposed to work? I'm confused.
Jim Mercer Interesting. Says '4 comments', but i only see my own.
Mark Jeftovic This is interesting, and further to a comment thread in another group I'm on. Jim Mercer can only see his own comment, Richard Sexton posted the forbidden string. I can see all the comments.
It is looking like any member of the Tom Woods facebook group cannot post the forbidden string. People who are NOT members of that group may be able to post it, but they cannot see some of the posting of other people who post it. Nice.
Richard Sexton aaaaaaaaaaand the site only works on, I assume, the most modern browsers and it just doesn't work at all on slightly less than current ones.
Jim Mercer Ah, well that might explain the missing comments, as i have sexton blocked. Less of a mystery.
Mark Jeftovic LOL. Ok, one less conspiracy then.
Jim Mercer That being said, i only see comments from you and me. My blocklist isnt that big.
Jim Carroll Well I see everything. Including what you might say in the future
Gabriel Abed I love !! I'm also a proud shareholder of the company!
Frank Michlick I can see Richard's comments fine.
Rubens Kuhl testing
Mark Jeftovic
Mark Jeftovic Weird. This morning it went through. Yesterday it was....
Mark Jeftovic Or.....
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