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Case 05
Case 05

‎Richard Sexton‎ to Barry Shein 26 July 2018 I don't think the stock dump is so unusual. Do you manage a page or a group? Have a look a the metrics esp. "Paid Followers" vs. "Organic Followers". Ie, fake vs. real. This has been going on for about 3 months. If you noticed the rise in political propaganda here, it went full rec.politics in july 2016 (never go full rec.politics) and thatr carried on well after the election, until he got caught, lost that funding, blamed the other side and oh shit those legitimate ads won't sustain this, so he institutionalized the fakey with paid followers. If they're not paid, they're not real eyeballs so don't count for potential ad revenue. My guess is for every 5 real followers there's one paid follower now, which is exactly 20%. So the stock is worth 20% less. Only page owners can see the "paid followers" metric. Which is of course about as open and transparent as ICANN. All we know for sure now is th "facebook followers" number is completely and utterly meaningless now. Smooth move, exlax.
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