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Barry Shein
29 November at 02:48 ∑
This is absolutely astounding. Watch as Monet paints water lilies in his garden glancing over at the water lilies in the pond, Rodin walks past The Thinker in his studio and works on something, I'd love to know what it is...
(in case there's no preview it's an actual film from 1915 of the artists Monet, Renoir, Rodin, and Degas.)

Richard Sexton Don't you love the way Monet and Renoir both have a fag hanging out of their mouth while Rodin starts off pacing looking for one where he knew he threw half a pack of Gitanes the night before an a fit of absinth frenzy.
"Je n'aurais jamais cessť de fumer damner dieu il!" 2
Barry Shein Someone should figure out why nicotine helps so many creative people to focus and maybe find some safer, possibly better, alternative.
I've had this theory that the trick to nicotine is that you first have to be addicted and it's the relief of withdrawal from that addiction, particularly coupled with caffeine, which induces creative spurts.
Ah humans, we do love not being ourselves even if we have to chemically induce it.

Richard Sexton See lustig's latest video "hacking the american mind". It has to do with insulin levels. Remember if would be 15 years until we figure out vitamins exits and malnutrition as rampant right before that in thr dawn of industrial food processing. Keep in mind that four years before this millions of babies die dina "infantile scurvy outbreak.".

Remember all the paranoia when they announced they'd found live virus from the 1918 influenza outbreak?
Remember when it showed up in the 2009 season flu genotype?
Remember when three years of this 2009-2011 didn't do much of anything to the rate of death from flu?
Half the population isn't dying of scurvy, that's why.
In that era it killed in great numbers from those babies to Scott of the Antarctic who took inert lime juice boiled in copper vats to prevent the scurvy they'd known about for 500 years, the problem neing the new French fashion of salads with meals in the upper classes means nobody ever tired the stuff. Scott did that at the Antarctic. This is how we know copper denatures ascorbate then you boil it.
We like to think scurvy is gone but that's just laughable. See Marik et. al 2017/Norfolk.

Barry Shein I tend to believe it has more to do with nicotinic acetycholine receptors and endorphins and serotonin uptake...
EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor - Wikipedia

Richard Sexton That's how it works not why.

Annalisa Roger I thoroughly enjoyed this clip. Thanks for sharing Barry. Makes me want to convert my family room into an art studio. :-) ...and it doesn't make me want to smoke. 1

Barry Shein One could always use a new hobby tho perhaps taking up smoking is not the best choice.
But you'd be surprised how many ICANN people I know pretty well primarily because we'd be out front together having a quick smoke. It's like a secret club.

Richard Sexton Hardly a secret. Berryhill and I had breakfast the Harbor Castle and John at one point said "See that guy there putting out that cigarette? He's about to go in and introduce himself a the new CEO"

Barry Shein For recurring conferences like ICANN the effect is enhanced because it happens over and over all over the world and you become quite familiar with each other.
It's probably the only reason I got to chit-chat with Berryhill's wife pretty regularly. She's very smart!

Jim Cottrell Barry, you're Joking, right? There's Way Better and Way Safer things to Smoke to help the Creative Process

Annalisa Roger Smoking does seem to be a social thing for many people. I am from California and smoking is just not really on my radar. Larkspur where I live claimed to be the first non smoking town. Now many towns in California are non smoking. That means that if there was an ICANN meeting, people couldn't just stand out there on the street in public and smoke away.

Barry Shein Which no doubt is what made Larkspur the magnet for large conferences it is today! :-)

Annalisa Roger Barry Shein hahaha, Larkspur is a sleepy little town...lovely for families and retirees...our single sons call it a morgue, because while we have some lovely restaurants, there is no nightlife, and no single folk...and of course there is no smoking. ☺

Barry Shein No smoking and no SMOKIN'
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