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Went to Loblaws to spend our new cards. Cashier asked us what the balance was. I told her 22.50. It didn't go through. She nagged us that we are supposed to keep track of the balance. We had never been told that before. We said those are not the terms we agreed to when we signed up for this card. Somehow they can charge the card but because of shitty software they can't check the balance. We then tried charging $1 less each time, since the cashier couldn't tell the balance. Cashier told us that other people are waiting. We said we are waiting too. When we got to $10, R suggested we try the other card. so we tried 50 cents on it and it worked. then tried $10 on it and it worked. Finally after several harrowing minutes the transaction was over. Transaction happened at 1:30 pm at NoFrills.

This is the first time it's ever happened to us and it's an awful experience and a complete waste of our time. We have never heard of a giftcard that the cashier can't figure out the balance. Shame on you Loblaws, didn't you get sued already?

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