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Case 01
Case 01

Food Secure Canada 16 August 2018 · The federal government is moving to ban the outdoor use of 2 pesticides that are widely applied to canola, corn and soybean crops in be implemented in 5 years! THEGLOBEANDMAIL.COM Canada to phase out most uses of pesticides linked to bee deaths Health Canada said on Wednesday it will ban most outdoor uses of two popular insecticides, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, over three to five years

Food Secure Canada: Équiterre En David Suzuki Foundation Environmental Defence Canada Healthy Canadians Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN)

Richard Sexton Could you people please check these article before you post them? This should be deleted It's not just worng it's painfully wrong and damaging.
1) It's not the neonics that mess up the bees. It's the antifungals.
2) Neonics patent runs out next year. They're pulling it anyway.
3) The Antifungals that are killing the bees also happen to te the same one that are killing: the amphibians, the bats, coral and are also a source of human cancers.
4) The way you tell what killed them is not by looking at the TV or a "media service" read the Necropsies. You only need high school scince to be able to understand them and they all point to the same thing: antifungals.
Please be aware of this and do not assist polluters with false propaganda about the wrong chemical they're going to pull anyway, this is a distraction from the actual problem that's killing a large percentage of life on earth including us. "It's important to get these things right" - NASA.
Here's the lay-person article that explains this:
Here's the science paper if references.
Please stop going on about Neonics, they're a red herring it's zero to do with the problem. Just because the Globe isn't a) sciencey, and b) unbiased, doesn't mean you don't have to check! This is how #FakeNews propagates. Bad men do it, good men do noting. Do something.
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