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I used to think the right to be forgotten was a good idea. Until you start looking at history. There's a lot of bad things happened we still need answers for and there are poeple who would LOVE to be fogotten.

Belgium has the most to lose from this, followed by the UK then Germany.

We villify the Chinese and Russians but it was the US, who would not ratify the 1925 Geneva convention on chemical and biological weapon until 1977 that has made the lions share of the worst things on earth. This went on until 1) Nixon stopped it in 1969 because of Pauling, 2) it became illegal in the US as an "act against humanity" in 1977, the US claimed to have "really stopped this time" in 2003 and then in 2009 Hillary tried to smuggle Ebola and a dozen other worst viruses in the world in recombinant form from Australia to Germany on forged US military letterhead.

Oh yeah there's a lot to be forgotten alright. We barely know a hundredth of it despite "parts" being declassified.

There's pretty solid proof the US is still screwing around, they blew up the gas plants in Syria the night before US weapons inspectors where to look at the US made equipment (photos were sent on twitter) and the UK Skirpal case turned out to be a "Men who stare at goats" era US hallucinogen.

I'm sure these guys would love to be "forgotten".

"The party millions of people are depending on to dethrone a dangerous President is still operating in a pre-Bernie Sanders era, where fundraising equals control, and money equals victory. It's this cluelessness, out of touch-ness, and tone-deafness among Democratic elites that is rigging the game. Against progress."

Rich Rosen replied Mikki Barry It's not an "either or" proposition. The democratic party is severely broken. It needs to actually embrace its own bylaws declaring their elections are fair and not argue in court they have no obligation to fairness. They need to stop being reactive and become proactive. And they definitely need to divest themselves from energy company and big pharma money. It'd be nice if they decided to be inclusive as well. Note: I still vote democrat because anything else right now is idiotic. However, I'll continue to try to work for the party to improve itself.

James D Johnston Agreed. THe DNC is a mess, but it's not a mess full of misogynist nazi dominionists like the RNC.

Mikki Barry You're forgetting the pedophiles.

James D Johnston Yeah, wow. It's a sad world when pedophiles take 4th place, isn't it?

James D Johnston Notice, that was said with a straight face, too. :(

Richard Sexton >energy company and big pharma money.

The weapons mfg's pay more to the dnc than rnc.

As long as they take money from large multinationals they are at odds with the will of the people and do not have consent of the governed.

I think Adam Curtis nailed it on the head when he pointed out how Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have over the years engineered a deal to pass all political power to the business class. It starts with _Hypernormalization_ and the prelude is _The Mayfair Set_ as the story starts just in postwar Britain.

I don't think it can be rebuilt, as brian said of news "don't waste soap cleaning a sewer" and what would make more sense to me is if people organized and had specific ideas laid out with actual (disease, weather) and not synthetic (climate, the bogeyman d jour, this weeks episode: isis) issues and if they can't meet these criteria, keep looking.

That way it could be clear war is not acceptable and the irresponsible behaviour of the US overseas, an embarrassment worldwide, is over.

You can't fix that corrupt pack of liars Mikki and you knew that a decade ago.

Mikki Barry So what do we do, Richard? How would you start in busting up the two party system in the US?

Richard Sexton You rely in their need to have consent of the governed.

One thing that has to change is a fundamental shift in the genesis of policy. Currently we elect some set of fools to in theory make the world a better place for us, then they get in and don't do any of it and instead act out some agenda that the party had in mind.

That is we rely in their rhetoric to allow them to get in to do whatever they want.

Instead what would make more sense is if the people were to organize and has a constitutional convention and make a list of goals and plans for what's gong to happen in the next four years. Things like, stop wars, or find out why the flu kills more people than ever despite wide scale immunization. THings like TPP won't be rearing their ugly head, the executive's job is to administer the policy the people make up, not to make up new ways to screw us.

So the paradigm itself has to change.

Mikki Barry Uh no. A constitutional convention would open the door to trashing the first amendment, which seems to be what a large and motivated group wants. They will mobilize much faster and better than we can (they're already organized through the mega churches and psycho evangelical factions). We can't compete with that right now.

Rich Rosen Or just abandon the idea of requiring "consent of the governed". That's the direction we're being pulled in by neomonarchist authoritarians who make no bones about this being their goal. It's so silly, allowing people to determine how they should be governed. Read Alexander Dugin and his "Eurasianist" screed that informs the actions of Putin and Bannon and Trump et al. You're so behind the times, both of you. Consent of the governed, that's just so funny. I can't stand this kind of raucous humor this early in the morning..

CBC News's post. You mean the contract expired? Sort of like an expired passport, huh? Apparently it's not difficult or slow to renew a contract. Ahem. And like a passport opinions vary if it's still valid. "I know it's expired, it's still me though, innit?" (Courts have held they may be not be used to cross borders but that they are valid ID even if expired. It's the US "patriot" act that is the origin of this particular (new) requirement, not any Canadian law. Since the US shows no sign of regaining sanity any time soon maybe we should opt out of insane US laws and stick to Canadian laws for Canada? Just a thought.

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