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Nii Quaynor shared a link.
Britain stole $45 trillion from India over 173 years, says top economist --
Britain ruled India for about 200 years, a period that was marred with extreme poverty and famine. India's wealth depleted in these two centuries. Renowned economist Utsa Patnaik, who has done a research on the fiscal relations between Colonial...

Richard Sexton They stole even more from china. three countries (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) and a port (Shanghai). Why? For the Opium Wars. Opium was illegal in the UK and China and British merchants kept selling it in China. After some years China confiscated a shipment of Opium and said "no means no". The merchants filed a grievance demanding reparations for the stolen illegal opium and this festered for years, led t war and claim became higher and higher and by 1899 they were demanding land which somehow ended up in the hands of the British Crown. (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) and a port (Shanghai). They got help from Japan in turfing out the Chinese and plage flea production by the UK and Japanese had reached 5 kilos a day by that point. It was far far more dirty than what they did in India and far more costly.
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