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Digital Alternatives for Sustainability
Digital Alternatives for Sustainability

Those familiar with Raspberry pi, Arduino, Liliypad, Adafruit or Makey Makey creative computing have a headstart to make LED Lanterns for a sustainable future.

Some Maker companies in Toronto:
MakeWorks is a coworking studio and prototyping centre in Toronto. MakeWorks is the only coworking studio in Toronto that has a focus on hardware. With 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a great group of small businesses, MakeWorks is the best workspace in Toronto for hardware focused startups.
NeuronicWorks is an engineering design company in Toronto that offers custom product development services. If you have a concept that you want to take to production, Neuronic Works has all the tools to make it happen.
Site 3 Colaboratory art and technology workspace

For example see this video:

Caption: A marquee made from a 514 matrix of light emitting diodes. I spaced them by printing out a grid on the computer, taping it to the pumpkin, and drilling 70 holes in the front of the thing. The real trouble came when inserting all of the LEDs from the inside; each of them has four wires soldered to it, creating a net of black wiring. Above you can see it turned out great. This is a shot of it scrolling the message HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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