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Staple foods
Eggs. This is one food you don't want to skimp on. Get the darkest colour yolk. The Jumbo size eggs we get are about 60 cents more than large ones. And the value eggs at Shoppers are terrible quality. They are cheap, at $1.88 special, but not worth even that small price. The yolks are very pale yellow and the egg is tasteless. Sometimes the yolks are so pale they look white. Never buying eggs from Shoppers again.

Eggs are one of the easiest, nutrient-dense foods you can get. Available nearly everywhere and easy to cook, can be used as an emergency snack when you're sick and can't cook, simple quick breakfasts, a hard-boiled can fit in your purse for those long TTC journeys.
Eating in Season

November 05 2017
Acorn, Buttercup, and Butternut season. Very cheap at Freshco. Best price in city, unless you go to Kensington/Spadina.

August 2018
Zucchini squash. Everywhere. 3 small ones for $1 at Nations.

August - September 2018
Delicata squash season. excellent supply at Feed it Forward. Most we've ever seen. We made about a dozen batches of Delicata brownies in these two months and were never happier.

November 06 2018
Chestnut season and Grapefruit season. Both at peak of freshness. Nations offers 3 kinds of chestnuts, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese, which are half the price. 2 lbs of Chinese chestnuts will cost $5 here. Just as good as the Italian and Portuguese ones, maybe even better.

December 01 2018
Clementines are $2/bag for 3 lbs at Nations on the reduced rack. Feed it forward has clementines with the leaves on them and an abundance of vegetables and fruit.

Unique foods in Toronto

Artichokes - fresh.

February - Blood Orange season

Year round staples: Organic rainbow-coloured carrots, organic ginger (it's spicier than regular ginger).
link:local food waste initiatives
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