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Programmer's Guide to Wisdom Teeth
Programmer's Guide to Wisdom Teeth

We found that what works for tooth infection is high dose vitamin c and a few B100s a day, and rubbing ascorbic acid and oregano oil on infected tooth and gum area every half hour. At the worst point 50 grams of C taken orally was the amount that worked. This also helped stop bleeding after extraction and healed very fast.

being a programmer, you'll want to use the most efficient methods while using the least amount of effort.

Here are 3 different methods, one for each level of emergency and depending on your access to medicines. Begin your chosen method at least 1 week before appointment for best results.

Note: It is harmful to exceed 2000mg of Calcium per day. A substitute of Sodium Ascorbate is recommended, of which there is no dangerous level of consumption.

Preparation Method: For when you are not in pain prior to your appointment

Things you'll need:
Ascorbic Acid crystals from Bulk Barn.
Organic Oregano Oil
Step 1: Moisten finger. Dab finger into AA crystals. Rub crystals into gums all around the tooth to be removed and let sit for as long as possible. If it begins to taste too sour, drink some water to wash the crystals off. Repeat this step several times a day, as often as possible.

Step 2: Let a drop of oregano oil fall on a clean finger. Directly apply oregano oil to gums around tooth and base of tooth, any areas or cavities where bacteria can grow. Let sit for as long as possible, then rinse mouth or drink water. Do this several times a day, at very least 2 times a day.

Step 3: Fill the cap of the AA container with AA crystals. Drop crystals into an empty glass. Fill glass with warm to hot water. AA will be mostly dissolved, if not, use a wooden or glass utensil to stir. This is a C-Water drink. Take C-Water constantly, at least 3-5 glasses a day.

Two days before appointment, do Steps 1,2,3 twice as much as usual. The day before, double the frequency again.

Aggressive Method: For extreme pain or tooth infection

Things you'll need:
Calcium Ascorbate powder in gel caps
Organic Oregano Oil

Steps 1 and 2 are the same as Preparation Method, with the addition of

Step 3: Take B100 Daily (twice daily, or up to four times daily depending on strength of infection)

Step 4: Measure out 7 pills containing 1 gram vitamin C each, break them open and mix the powder from the pills into water, or crush solid pills into powder with a mortar and pestle. Drink water mixture.

Repeat every 10-30 minutes. You may end up taking 20-30 grams in total. After you have taken as much as you can, apply oregano oil and sleep; get as much rest as possible. Pain should be subsided when you wake up.

Repeat this process as often as you can throughout the day. Each day try to increase amount in calcium C-water by 1 gram, or take an extra serving of calcium C-water mixture.


Day 1: Starting the Aggressive Method with an extreme tooth infection- not able to stand, walk, eat, talk or open eyes due to pain. Took 21 grams of C in 3 servings over an hour and applied oil of oregano then slept for the night. Severe pain was lifted by morning.

Day 2: Considerably relieved of pain, able to walk and function normally. Keep following the Aggressive Method with a Calcium C-Water drink of 7 grams of C with every meal, and an extra Calcium C-Water making a total of ~40 grams of C taken in one day. Took a B100.

Day 3: Preparing for appointment the next day. Took 50 grams C total throughout the day in the form of calcium ascorbate C-Water. Still topically applying AA crystals and Oregano Oil. Took a B100. Feeling almost back to normal.

Appointment day: Took 10 grams C in the morning, applied oregano oil, took B100.

Result: Tooth came out with no complications and Doctors noted very little bleeding. Got it done using nitris gas rather than put to sleep. Was able to walk, talk and function fairly normally immediately after, in no pain whatsoever. Healed quickly, just about the same day.

Best Method for Pain and Tooth Infections:

You will need:
Liposomal (lypospheric) vitamin C
oregano oil

Take a 1 gram packet of LVC on an empty stomach in the morning stirred vigorously in a glass of warm-hot water. Wait a while before eating.
Continue to take 1 gram of LVC hourly until symptoms dissipate.

Apply Oregano Oil frequently.

Go to sleep.

Repeat daily or more often if needed.

Poor living conditions: travelling in winter, very little sleep, little food, and wisdom tooth infection pops up one night with the start of a serious fever.
Applied Oregano; Took 1 gram packet of LVC and went to sleep.

Next day: Fever gone, infection gone, tooth is painless.

Result: 1 gram LVC performed an excellent recovery under the worst possible conditions, better than could be hoped for.

Main Functions;

Ascorbic acid (topical): When rubbed onto tissue, tissue absorbs ascorbic acid thus absorbing electrons. Gum tissue has poor circulation, so topically applying AA crystals gets the most C directly into the blood flow. This method can be used with other versions of ascorbate, ex sodium or calcium ascorbate.

Ascorbic Acid (drink): Anything putting stress on your body, such as infections, pain, wounds or stress itself makes your body use more C than usual, easily giving you a temporary deficiency. Make sure you are getting as much as possible before, during and after getting sick.

There is no limit to taking C; The more you take the better you will feel. The general rule is to take as much as you can until you find your bowel tolerance limit.

When you are sick your BT limit will be much higher.

Calcium Ascorbate: A good alternative for high-dosing vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is very acidic, and huge doses can cause stomach discomfort. Calcium ascorbate is less acidic and will not hurt the stomach when high-dosing.
Note: An imbalance of minerals can be bad for health, so when high-dosing Calcium Ascorbate (containing 1/4 calcium and 3/4 vitamin c per pill) for longer than a few days you will want to take a Magnesium Citrate 100-200mg and zinc citrate 50-100mg once or twice a day.

Organic Oregano Oil: You will want Organic oil because any pesticides on the plant and other additives are concentrated when distilled into oil, giving you a concentrated amount.

Oregano Oil contains Carvacol, which kills fungus, mold and bacteria when in direct contact. As a bonus, it also relieves tooth pain.

The Oil is very potent, so potent that it stings sensitive skin when touched, even after washing your hands, so be careful using it and avoid touching your eyes or face.

Liposomal C: Found in health stores everywhere usually $45 CAD for a box of 50 packs of 1 gram LVC each. Each pack contains vitamin C, but each C molecule has been encapsulated in a neutral oil. The result of this is a gloppy, jel-like slightly thick, often orange liquid lifesaver; 1 gram of this fat-encapsulated C has the effect of 30 or more grams of un-encapsulated C. The human body absorbs this encapsulated C as a fat soluble vitamin, so vitamin C being a water soluble vitamin can now be absorbed in fatty tissues as well. The increase in levels of C immediately gives cells the energy (electrons) they need to function, repair and reproduce.

B100: All the amino acids (100mg of each) in a pill. B100s are crucial to fighting infections.

Sleep: Our bodies can only repair tissue when we are sleeping, and repair a bit less while we are resting(lying down but not sleeping).

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