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How to quit sugar
How to quit sugar

Q: Keto sadness - realizing after 4 or 5 good tries with Stevia and Eryth that I had a reaction to it. Iím SO sad! I even went and got the Purdys and had one and coughed for an hour. Must I just give up the sweet tooth? Any other suggestions???

Give up the artificial or processed sweteners. Make your own with homemade juice or dates. Don't go overboard.

You'll be able to taste natural fruit sugars and milk sugars like never before once you don't eat that sweetener stuff. It does take a week for the tongue to adjust - it's almost like resetting. We quit sugar and nearly went cold-turkey save for a milk with a lindt square melted in it once a day. The good news is, it only took a week for my tastebuds to change. I tasted a strawberry and it tasted sweeter than when I used to eat sugar. It's like burning your tongue only with sugar not heat. Vitamin C seems to help most addictions such as morphine, see NIH. We've used it for smoking. I would recommend anyone having a hard time to use that. In the meantime, try making some squash brownies, it might take your mind off the sugar:

Sugar over-saturates the tongue. If you've eaten sugar, this means you'll have to reset your tastebuds. It can take a week or two, but it's worth it. Go cold turkey and quit sugar. To do this use cream and a lot of it- the fat replaces the sugar here. Cream has 4 types of naturally occuring sugars in it. After the first 2 weeks, sweet flavours will return again and you'll tatste fruit and cream sugars better than ever before.
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