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Cases | Canada
Cases | Canada


mom strep death Mar 08, 2018



Bhullar on TB epidemic Apr 28, 2018



strep death May 08, 2018

article "There's nothing for the general public to be concerned about at this time," said Dr. Andre Corriveau, the territory's chief public health officer.


stomach illness affects 2,000 May 15, 2018

Nunatsiaq News post on Facebook


suicides May 18, 2018

article: Youth suicides, violence: Nunavut community of Pangnirtung calling out for help amid 'sense of desperation'

May 23
Riita Strickland, the assistant deputy minister of justice at the Government of Nunavut and Mike Jeffrey, the chief superintendent of the RCMP "V" division in Nunavut, at a special meeting held last night in Pangnirtung. Officials who work in mental health, poverty reduction, public safety, as well as at the Department of Justice and the RCMP, flew to Pangnirtung this week in response to an urgent plea for help issued by the hamlet following a wave of suicide attempts and violent incidents.

"Your community is like other communities in Nunavut where the crime is increasing slightly, in this community in particular over the last three years," Jeffrey said.
Nunatsiaq news Huffington Post May 13, 2018

May 15, 2018 article, Nunavut Health Minister Pat Angnakak


Language paradox


AGO Renaming "Indian" title


Social Crisis May 23, 2018

Pangnirtung’s hamlet council is looking for lasting ways to stop reoccurring violence and suicide attempts made by youth in the Baffin community—but Nunavut’s RCMP chief says that crime-wise, the community’s struggle is nothing that police can’t handle.
“Crime has increased … but it’s not a crisis,” - Nunavut’s RCMP commanding officer
In February, a dozen youth are known to have attempted suicide within two weeks. In February and March, calls made to a poison control centre in the south were higher in Pangnirtung than in any other Nunavut community. In April there was a death by suicide, after the community saw no suicides in 2017.
“Even though our meeting has ended, the situation we are in will not stop,” said Deputy Mayor David Kooneeliusie


Pang suicide crisis May 14, 2018


Terminally ill boy May 23, 2018


Pujualussait society February 2, 2018

A successful community-based healing group, which operated in Pangnirtung between 2005 and 2009, is being revived after two weeks of workshops for community members in January showed the group is needed.
Anilniliak notes that community crime, alcohol and drug addiction, broken intergenerational relationships, issues with education and overcrowding, and tuberculosis are among the social issues that plague her community.article

Quassa May 22, 2018


elder care May 25, 2018

The hamlet wanted its 24-bed long-term continuing care centre to take in elders requiring extended care or suffering from dementia, who are now sent out of the territory for care.

Healthy family in the North


Alcohol hospitalization spike Jun 04, 2018


Canadian health care is telling us you can only be healthy if you're white and middle class


Lewis & TB Jan 12, 2018

Lewis — co-director, AIDS-Free World

Bhullar 2017

article: Nutritional Intervention for Active Tuberculosis: Relevance to Nunavut Tuberculosis Control and Elimination Program

Rickets 2007

Changes in Arctic diet put Inuit at risk for rickets article: "Unfortunately," Dr. Sobol says, " 'vitamins' was translated into 'things that make you fat' in Rankin Inlet and Arviat."

Canada expects to fail WHO TB eradication goal


World TB Day 2017


Chief Pub. Health Report May 10, 2018

Canada: TB Report from chief public health officer

Quebec Health Minister racism Jun 21, 2018


Inuit Seal Hunt Jan 7, 2018

video and article

Separation, Air Ambulance, and Death Feb 06, 2018


Separation, Mother and Child, Deputy Minister Jun 20, 2018


Cleansing the Streets

article: Homeless woman denied proper medical care as part of new care project resolved to end life

Northern Ontario First Nations, federal NDP leader, renew calls for national suicide prevention strategy

Sept. 24, 2018 Officials with NAN say its communities have reported close to 600 suicides since the mid-1980s, with about 90 of those deaths among youth aged 10 to 14. article

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