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Angry Inuk film

from the studio: about the film


News notes

Quassa removed Jun 21 2018 - article


Iqaluit History


Canada's Food Guide Problems

Food has always been a weapon of the colonizer. From the repulsive nutrition experiments they performed on students in residential schools to the food rations they gave us and commodity foods we had to sustain us on reserves. They stripped us of our hunting and fishing territories, took away our agriculture, ability to move and use fertile land, and then forced us to live off flour/salt/sugar. All of that tampers with our ability to self sustain, and is in itself a form of genocide. They starved us. They are slowly killing us with diabetes and heart disease. Animal rights activists continue to remain uninformed about sustainable hunting practices and instead impose western forms of thinking in order to "civilize us."

-Orenda Boucher-Curotte
Coordinator: Aboriginal Student Resource Centre at Concordia University



u of t: link - Infusing Indigenous Perspectives in K-12 Teaching
link: The Deepening Knowledge Project seeks to infuse Aboriginal peoples' histories, knowledges and pedagogies into all levels of education in Canada. The project is a part of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, which is located on the territories of Anishinaabe and Onkwehonwe peoples.



article: Policing in the North


article: Health Minister Christine Elliott says the government is reviewing evidence on the the province's safe injection and overdose prevention sites to see if they "have merit" and are worth continuing.


Whale hunting


Trudeau September 21, 2017

Amnesty International has called it 'a human rights crisis.'
"That is the legacy of colonialism in Canada."
It was the dominant theme of his address. He was asked later at a news conference why he dwelt so much on domestic issues and aired the country's dirty laundry on a stage designed for international crises like North Korea, Syrian migration and atrocities against minorities in Myanmar. Trudeau retorted that this is an international issue.


Nunavut Income Assistance

Meat Diet


Letter to Samsung

Homeless in Nunavut

Seal Day at School

Starving Polar Bear



Wolves vs Pollution

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