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People - Canada in Review
People - Canada in Review

Nunavut Food Security Coalition

The Makimaniq plan for poverty reduction



CHARS: POLAR survey ending May 31st 2018. article
Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO)
U of T: truth and reconcilation commitee
Ind. Services Canada


Nursing Award Recipients

list: Indigenous Services Canada's Annual First Nations and Inuit Health Branch Award of Excellence in Nursing


Markus Wilcke

council member Member of Inuit Ilagiit, also an original member of Pujualussait.


MLA Margaret Nakashuk and Mayor Stevie Komoartok

Nancy Anilniliak

One of the original founders of the Pujualussait Committee
retired from her position as field unit superintendent with Parks Canada
article: Pang Project June 23, 2006
article: Pang Pujulassait Committee February 2, 2018 cbc

Jack Hicks

Stephen Lewis - Philanthropist

link:The Stephen Lewis Foundation
"there is a TB crisis in Nunavut at this very moment. There are fourteen out of the twenty-five disparate communities wrestling with active and latent cases, many of them children. The numbers are small (compared to a place like India, they're infinitesimal), but they loom very large in a population of roughly thirty-five thousand…The active cases are in treatment. It's prodigiously difficult to maintain and oversee the regimen. But treatment works. As you know, TB is a hundred per cent curable." - from the Chief Public Health Officer's report

Nunavut Chief Medical Officer

Profile:Research Gate
article: Nunavut Chief Medical Officer Needed
article: Rickets 2007 " 'vitamins' was translated into 'things that make you fat' in Rankin Inlet and Arviat."
article "I think some people have an idea that this is the answer to eliminating TB in the North and I wouldn't agree with that."

June 27, 2018 ""Minister (Jane) Philpott is going to work with us over the summer to hopefully create a structure that allows for Inuit children to not be tied up in jurisdictional issues," Natan Obed of the national organization Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami."-article

former Premier Paul Quassa

June 2018- Now MLA member.


Teresa Tam - Chief Public Health Officer

article: The time is now - Chief Public Health Officer spotlight on eliminating tuberculosis in Canada


  • Chelsea Vowel - Language advocate article
  • Dr. Janet Smylie: researches anti-Indigenous racism in Canada's health-care system and says it's a major factor in health inequities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. Jul 03, 2018article
  • Christina Greenawaydocument, TB research
  • Desmond Wong- Education advocate: article - Indigenous learning website "Infusing Indigenous Perspectives in K-12 Teaching" launched July 12.
    Is a librarian at the OISE library at U of T
    compiled a list of 50 Indigenous education resources for teachers in Ontario
  • Mikhaila Peterson, Food and Diet advocate: article
  • Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Food: facebook
  • Anishinaabe Kwe: facebook - both carved seal at AGO:post
  • Anubha Momin, Angry Inuk Page Manager

  • Premier of Nunavut as of June 14 2018

    "You have to treat the cause," Savikataaq said.
    "If you treat the symptoms, you're not going to get anywhere. You've got to find out what the root cause is for this and then you've got to fix the cause of why it's happening and break the cycle.

    30 years as a conservation officer, working directly with hunters and trappers in his home town of Arviat and other communities.

    He promises an open-door, collaborative style -- something he said was lacking under Quassa.
    -article, June 15 2018


    Yassine 2017 Thesis: article link: Affiliation Masters Student Biology Specialization in Chemical and Environmental Toxicology Department of Biology Email:

    Research interests Toxicology Indigenous Population Health Mercury Environmental Health Heavy Metals

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