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Indoor growing

Thu May 15, 2008 7:10 pm I am growing pumpkin on my bedrooms widow. i planted it march, I think it was somewhere between 10th and 20th. It grows in 0,5 x 0,3 x 0,3 box filled with ordinary mineral rich houseplant soil. I water it about 3 times a week (once a week with fertilizer). Now the plant is quite big (about 3 m in length), and has its first male flowers.

Pumpkins have very long roots and if grows in a same pot with other plant, then re-potting will damage the roots. don't re -pot it unles you don't want to re-pot it together with the other plant.

Vines highly invasive grabbing everything near them.

To anyone attempting this, you may consider more pots of soil to be available wherever you get a female flower. The vines like to sprout roots at each fruit. If you start to get a baby pumpkin, bury the vine at the closest node. It will make new roots and provide more nutrients for the fruit itself.

It doesn't matter what type you try in the house, they will all be about the same size. Atlantic giants won't truly be one of those giant pumpkins. You have to have VERY deep soil for those to be that big and lots of other special conditions.

I love vines in the house but never thought about trying a frappin pumpkin. lol What's next sweet potatoes?

Indoor vs Outdoor start

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