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Pests - Guide to Growing Pumpkins
Pests - Guide to Growing Pumpkins

Methods for preventing SVB infestations:

  • Wrap stem with pantyhose, newspaper, tin foil, garden tape
  • Cover stems with Nicotine spray with some garlic juice and hot sauce in it
  • Fertilize plants heavily
  • Plant crops early before last frost, and late around August (for Ontario)
  • Place yellow bowls of water and soap to catch SVB moth
  • Use row covers
  • Move dead infested foliage far away from living plants

    Kill Borer eggs and larvae as soon as you can; Then bury the squash stem further along the vine to promote new root growth at the nodes.

    Want to give up? Grow C. moschata varieties instead, they are resistant to both types of pests: SVB and Squash Bugs.

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