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Pie Pumpkins
Pie Pumpkins

Canned pumpkin comes from pumpkins that are grown solely for the purpose of processing. They are tan and slightly oblong in shape, more like a squash than a happy Halloween jack-o-lantern shape. Common varieties include the Chelsey, Buckskin, Dickinson Field, and Kentucky Field.

list of pie pumpkins

Pie Pumpkins:
Amish Pie Pumpkins; Autumn Gold Pumpkins; Baby Bear Pumpkins; Baby Pam Pumpkins; Buckskin Pumpkins; Bushkin Pumpkins; Casper Pumpkins; Cheese Pumpkins; Chelsey Pumpkins; Cheyenne Bush Pumpkins; Cornfield Pumpkins; Cotton Candy Pumpkins; Dickinson Pumpkins; Early Autumn Pumpkins; Early Buckskin Pumpkins; Early Cheyenne Pie Pumpkins; Eastern 7 X 7 Pumpkins; Funny Face Pumpkins; Ghost-Rider Pumpkins; Gold Keeper Pumpkins; Golden Centennial Pumpkins; Howden Pumpkins; Howdens Field Pumpkins; Hybrid Pam Pumpkins; Kentucky Field Pumpkins; Large Cheese Pumpkins; Libby's Select Dickinson Pumpkins; Long Island Cheese Pumpkins; Mammoth King Pumpkins; Mystic Plus Pumpkins; Mystic Pumpkins; Pam Pumpkins; Pie Pumpkins; Small Sugar Pumpkins; Snack Jack Pumpkins; Spookie Pumpkins; Spooktacular Pumpkins; Streaker Pumpkins; Sugar Treat Pumpkins; Touch of Autumn Pumpkins; Trickster Pumpkins; Virginia Mammoth Pumpkins. -cooksinfo

Most of the pumpkins listed above are C. pepo varieties.

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