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Flu Vaccine
Flu Vaccine

January, 2018
RE: Trump Declares Flu Shots Are ‘Virtually Totally Ineffective’

If you dont believe this look at the New England Journal of Medicine, it's a cover story on todays issue. It's the one about the flu. Just type NEJM into google and hit enter and you'll find it.

You can also find an article in The Atlantic in 2009 that explains what all the fuss is about, which is the result of a 2005 paper by Simonsen et al entitled "Impact of Influenza Vaccination on Seasonal Mortality in the US Elderly Population" that was supposed to show how many lives were saved by widespread immunization but the problem was it showed flu death was highest where individuals had been immunized.

That is, risk of death from flu is lowest for those who did not receive immunization and a lifetime of the flu shot increases the risk of death.

So, the president is wrong, it isn't effective it;s effective alright but in a negative sense. He ca hardly say flu kills more people who get the shot now can he and by doing what he did calling it "ineffective" he's going to hold those who make the shot accountable: you told us it would save lives. Save lives or you're fired.

The CBC covered this for years has Canada had a key role in the flu metrics. Ben Goldacre is an Epidemiologist who has studied this problem, he has an excellent Ted Talk entitled "Battling Bad Science" that talks about this problem in great detail.

Keep in mind that while our surgeons get better every day and perform routine heart/lung/liver transplants at the same time with a normal lifespan, just 30 years ago a heart transplant was a 30 day death sentence, however the pharmaceutical side of industry has made no progress in 80 years. "science".

The problems are:

1) The flu shot does not prevent the flu We take the risk of shots to not get the disease. If we're gonna get it anyway, why bother?

2) The flu shot, at best, takes half a day off a week long illness

3) In NIH Clinical trials, vit C takes half a day off a week long illness and reduced both duration and severity. Note this was nearly a homeopathic dose of vit c, and the more yo take the more god is does. There is no known overdose threshold, water is literally more toxic as 11 litres ingested, will stop your heart.

4) Flu doesn't kill. Secondary infection: bronchitis/pneumonia is what kills and the shot does nothing for that. There is no shot for a bad chest infection. THIS is what kills poeple, the virus only triggers it. Very few poeple die of the actual virus, it's the "respiratory complications" you always hear about that does them in.

Perhaps poeple think because they've had a shot they don't need to do much else but that's speculative. It's worth pointing out that the thing people who have died in flu have in common is zero ascorbate in the blood. You need it to keep the heart beating and the virus uses it up, if you don't put enough back it won't go well. Think about what it means when a virus takes that chemical out of pretty much every cell in the body. Why do you think we give fruit baskets to the sick? Do you know anything else that has more C? To be honest, brazil nuts and strawberries have a more profound effect on influenza than the shots, even when they matched the strains right which they didn't in 2015.

So far this year death from flu is up 4x. There's no reason people are dying like this already, how long are you going to wait and see how many poeple die before realizing the flu shot is pretty much worthless? Oh by the way, the flu shot "legitimized" the vaccine industry and finally made it profitable. Profitable enough that they now fund the CDC and WHO exclusively.

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